What I am NOT

You have seen on Armstrong Survivor of what Russell Miller believes and thinks, I decided to give you synopsis of what I think and believe.  I am starting with WHAT I AM NOT!

Charismatic—I may not be a strict cessionalist, I believe that a God can in modern day allow supernatural events not explanable by science. Unlike the charismatic I do not seek them to be the norm all the time. It is done for a reason and purpose. It is not done just for ecstasy for the believer. I would rather seek the written word of God anyday as opposed to any notion of ecstastic experience any day, any time, anywhere. This may offend charismatic and Pentecostals richly, but I say tough.

Calvinist.  Those familiar with the 5 points of Calvinism—Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistable Grace, Perseverence of the Saints—I would reject the first 4 and believe the last one, Perseverence of the Saints—or in laymen’s terms Once Saved, Always Saved. What really drives me nuts about Calvinism is predestination that God predestines the saved and the lost. Yea, yea, I showed James Pate a video from Robert Morey about the saved and the lost but what about the verse in that God is not willing that any should perish, but all come to repentence. Or that scripture, was really not important as it really sounds? Doubt it.

New Atheist: Making fun of those who believe in the supernatural and calling them “stupid” or “low in intelligence” for the wet dream orgasmic joy of it is not my shtick—never was, never will. I will be honest that at one point, I was quoting an atheist verbatum, word for word and my fellow atheist friend was concerned for me rather than being cheerful. I was in a very angry state. Not having a girlfriend can create a lot of rage (but that’s another story).People have the right to believe what they want in peace and practice it in peace as long is does  not trample on the rights of others. Oh yes, honour killings is still not cool in my books (that guy in Buffalo, are you listening?). By the way, religions who celebrate in peace need to recognize that not all will share your view, so it is your responsiblity to know the difference between mutual respect and demanding submission. If you refuse, they will be problems. Simple as that.

Theological Liberal, at least they got balls against to tell it the way it is about Christian fundamentalism and stand up to the newfounded narrow mindedness and anti-intellectualism in evangelical Christianity. Why I am not a theological liberal? They have a take it or leave it attitude towards the essential doctrines of historic Christian faith (The Trinity, deity of Christ, his ressurection, salvation by grace—even the ressurection of the dead and eternal judgement to eternal life and eternal damnation). Another big problem for me for the liberal theologian is they tend to minimize the power of God. I don’t want to worship a grandfather father deity who is merely watching us, seemingly impotent to do anything. Hey, a deity who seeminly not doing anything but is going to take some serious action down the road when we least anticipate it—I’ll stick with him. I might be frustrated and angry down the road, bitching “What is he waiting for!”  Hey it’s better than nothing. What was the saying from Mick Jagger, “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometime, you get what you need.” Smart man with good lyrics.


Hard-right Conservative (politically): While I am centre-right on the political spectrum, I think it should be fair not to confuse me with those who are sharper on the hard-right. I believe in preserving families, less government bureaucracy, lower taxes, low debts and deficits, an enterprenial spirit, etc. but as Russell Miller in his blog rightly articulated about the Republican party in the U.S. today is that they are stuck in the past and proud of it. What angers me about the Republicans is their long tendency to be insensitive to the  poor and low-income. Jack Kemp (and my prayers are with him as it has been learned he has been diagnosed with cancer) understood this. It seems that RNC Charmain Michael Steele is catching on. All is I can hope and pray that Steele shows himself as the de facto leader of the U.S. Republicans as opposed to Rush Limbaugh who only has a gospel of mean-spiritedness, negativity,fear, anxiety, exclusion and opportunity for the few as opposed to the many.

Leftist liberal (political):  I gave a good rant on James Pate’s blog about one calling me a liberal. If one WANTS to call ME a liberal,  you better say that I am a Mid-20th Century Classic Liberal. That is the liberalism of  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John Kennedy (I will even include Bobby!). The social programs they proposed helped millions and millions of Americans and gave them opportunities that they never had before.Far different from the counter-culture McGovernicks liberalism of the late 1960’s and early 70’s which calls itself progressivism. The liberalism of today is a pure sentimental exercise that I want no part of when it comes to pandering to political correctness, moral relativism and demanding submission from everybody who dissents from their point of view, while hypocritically talking about listening to all sides. This KIND of  liberalism I am having NONE OF IT!

Totally definately NOT an Armstrongite!  I have no desire to keep the Seventh day Sabbath in a very rigid, inflexible manner! Would you believe when I was 17 on a Friday night, I turned on an easy listening radio station with Art Garfunkel OF ALL PEOPLE and still my mom was not pleased. This was truly a John Stossel moment of  “Give me a break!” I agree with Russell Miller, 100% for one to desire to become an Armstrongite cultist is a simple excercise in stupidity and I will add a sick masochist. We were the children of Worldwide and served our time in hell, you have heard our stories.  Some of you who are human sympathized. Some of you who are not human will mock us as bitter, never called, carnal and other abusive judgements and names that I am not going to delve in. As I have said before, it is my belief that Armstrongism is a wicked religion.  It’s god is not a god of love but a god of endless rage, pettiness, injustice, tyranny and the vomit stench of  hierarchy where there is a perverted pretense of one of law for all but in practice one law for the upper echelons and another oppressive set of rules for the cream of the crud.  When I was at an Jews for Jesus expo display at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto back in 1985 at age 15, a man aggressively declared to me that the Worldwide Church of God (in that time, of course, HWA was still alive but only for a few months) that it was, “NOT Jewish, NOT Christian!” Almost quarter of a century later that still burns inside me. Though the man was aggressive in his approach, he was and still is right. Armstrongism is neatly dressed paganism at the core. Belief in the “god-family” is pagan to the core, nothing monotheistic about it.  If you want to believe otherwise, I spent some time with Britney Spears last night. For those who know that the God family and my time with Britney is false, welcome to the world of reality!

I hope to conclude with WHAT I AM and What  maybe I AM



5 thoughts on “What I am NOT

  1. On one hand, I like these personal declarations, because they help folks to better get to know one another quickly, and in a kind of encapsulated form.

    On the other hand, I kind of hate why such declarations sometimes become necessary. Often, we as individuals are unfairly stereotyped by people with blatant agendas, to reduce us to a ridiculous cartoon caricature which is then easily dismissed. We’ve all seen people go on a rampage about god-hating atheists, or brain-dead evangelicals, unfortunately failing to get to know others as individuals before making blanket accusations. Nobody likes to be thought of in ways that they really are not. My problem with false labeling is that it delves into the personal, and distracts us from intelligently discussing ideas, often taking us on a detour in which we are forced to correct an accusation or assumption. Sometimes this completely derails the original discussion, and an opportunity becomes lost.

    This should be self-evident to thinking persons. But, watch somebody somewhere within the next few days make my point for me.


  2. Thanks for tip, Russ! His comment is now DELETED, along with another person who claims to work for one of the XCG’s head office.

  3. The NEWEST Pretrib Calendar

    Hal (serial polygamist) Lindsey and other pretrib-rapture-trafficking and Mayan-Calendar-hugging hucksters deserve the following message: “2012 may be YOUR latest date. It isn’t MAYAN!” Actually, if it weren’t for the 179-year-old, fringe-British-invented, American-merchandised pretribulation rapture bunco scheme, Hal might still be piloting a tugboat on the Mississippi. roly-poly Thomas Ice (Tim LaHaye’s No. 1 strong-arm enforcer) might still be in his tiny folding-chair church which shares its firewall with a Texas saloon, Jack Van Impe might still be a jazz band musician, Tim LaHaye might still be titillating California matrons with his “Christian” sex manual, Grant Jeffrey might still be taking care of figures up in Canada, Chuck Missler might still be in mysterious hush-hush stuff that rocket scientists don’t dare talk about, John Hagee might be making – and eating – world-record pizzas, and Jimmy (“Bye You” Rapture) Swaggart might still be flying on a Ferriday flatbed! To read more details about the eschatological British import that leading British scholarship never adopted – the import that’s created some American multi-millionaires – Google “Pretrib Rapture Diehards” (note LaHaye’s hypocrisy under “1992”), “Hal Lindsey’s Many Divorces,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers)” and “Thomas Ice (Hired Gun),” “LaHaye’s Temperament,” “Wily Jeffrey,” “Chuck Missler – Copyist,” “Open Letter to Todd Strandberg” and “The Rapture Index (Mad Theology),” “X-Raying Margaret,” “Humbug Huebner,” “Thieves’ Marketing,” “Appendix F: Thou Shalt Not Steal,” “The Unoriginal John Darby,” “Pretrib Hypocrisy,” “The Real Manuel Lacunza,” “Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism,” “America’s Pretrib Rapture Traffickers,” “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts,” “Dolcino? Duh!” and “Scholars Weigh My Research.” Most of the above is written by journalist/historian Dave MacPherson who has focused on long-hidden pretrib rapture history for 35+ years. No one else has focused on it for 35 months or even 35 weeks. MacPherson has been a frequent radio talk show guest and he states that all of his royalties have always gone to a nonprofit group and not to any individual. His No. 1 book on all this is “The Rapture Plot” (see Armageddon Books online, etc.). The amazing thing is how long it has taken the mainstream media to finally notice and expose this unbelievably groundless yet extremely lucrative theological hoax!

    (I’m Skip and I just saw the web article above.)

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