Intelligent Quote of the Day

                                          “croportWe don’t read the Bible to learn about science, and we don’t need to believe six impossible things before breakfast each day. We read the Bible to engage in an ongoing adventure that holds a mirror up to reality, that challenges us to live justly, that directs us to realign our lives with the Good Spirit, that enables us to become authentic, free and compassionate people. If reading the Bible doesn’t do that, then we’re probably better off not reading it at all. The kingdom of God isn’t just some future pie in the sky hope, it’s supposed to erupt in our midst and spill over as a blessing for those around us.

Which is why so much that goes in the small sectarian communities that make up the Armstrong diaspora is unhealthy. If we read the Bible to fuel our “prophetic” conjectures, if we read the Bible to discover “new truth” that will make us special and better than other people, then we’ve exchanged the bread of life for junk food. ”

—Ambassador Watch’s Gavin Rumney discussing on his blog that the Bible was meant to be a book on how to live and not a text-manual for science as fundamentalists constantly presume.


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