A message board closed

Today, I was in for a big surprise for this notice on the WCG Alumni message board.

The Worldwide Church of God Alumni Board is closed. I hope that any who have been hurt by this board will accept my heartfelt and sincere apologies. Hopefully those that wish to stay in touch can contact each other through private email or meet on other boards. Many of us will think of each other often and remember sharing here and hopefully healing and learning from each other. I wish you all health and healing in your journeys. I have left the “Behind the Scenes” folder open, (this is an invisible folder). You will have to log in to see the folder.

Best wishes for the board administrator in whatever their new project may be.  I also accept the administrator’s collective apology for any hurts that have may arised from the board. Thankfully, it has only been one time and it is the last time. I wonder if some of the participants will rejuvinate some life back into Mark Tabladillo’s board Jesus Loves Fellowship. Now he’s been at it for OVER a decade!


5 thoughts on “A message board closed

  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Glad to see the admin has finally wised up, and realized what a soul-searing experience that board was, for any who dared to brave the Armstrongist-infested waters, and who tried to tell the truth.

    Mind, the Christians over there weren’t exactly big on compassion, either……I think most of them still held fast to that “let the dead bury their own” mentality. 😛

  2. Aggie, I’m very sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong in your opinion of that board and the people on it. There are no true Armstrongites registered there. A couple of people there still keep the O.C sabbath and holydays, but they don’t believe in the ridiculous interpretation of prophecy espoused by Armstrongites, and they do not tithe.

    The Christians there are mostly independent types who have a relationship with Father God and Jesus Christ as opposed to a church corporation.

    BTW, though things looked bad earlier in the week, the main folder has been reopened, which is a blessing for our tight group of friends who have been together for nearly ten years. Aggie, you were invited to participate, were welcomed, and gave “worn out welcome” as a reason for your leaving. You were never banned, and people actually missed you when you left.

    A couple of weeks ago, when it appeared that you and Russell were shutting down ISA, nobody on our WCG Alumni forum made any disparaging remarks.

    Still, you are entitled to your opinion. But, have you ever watched James Dean’s “Rebel Without a Cause?”


  3. Bob clearly illustrates my point for me.

    “There are no true Armstrongites registered there. A couple of people there still keep the O.C sabbath and holydays, but they don’t believe in the ridiculous interpretation of prophecy espoused by Armstrongites, and they do not tithe.”

    The names “ForumJen” and “Duane” mean nothing to you? Oh, that’s right, you’re a Christian now, so their belittling, unsympathetic, horrifying behaviour can be overlooked, simply because you beat the same bible they do.

    Yeah. That makes sense.

  4. Duane and Jenny are part of our community there, Aggie. Though they tend to take a more fundamentalist view of belief than some of the rest of us, they are good people. Jenny and her husband were recently on Good Morning America, because just prior to the Christmas season, her husband Ralph knew that there was going to be a layoff at the school where he had worked for decades. It was going to be a choice between himself, and a colleague who had a family in which one of the children had special medical leaves. Ralph (Jenny’s husband) went to the administration and asked them to lay him off rather than this colleague. This was such a marvelous example in their community that word spread and reached GMA, leading to the appearance of both families. So, regardless of your personal opinion, clearly these are good people.

    Duane is known as an authority in the “One God” movement, and is a guest speaker at some of their sessions and conventions. He’s a real person, a musician who loves Country music and writes songs, a brewer of home brew, and a do it yourselfer.

    I might disagree with them, but all they are doing is expressing their particular beliefs, to which they are certainly entitled although they might be different from those held by you or I. Let’s face it, if they happened to be keeping the sabbath, holydays, and clean meats because they were Jewish, it wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow.

    I don’t believe we can insert WCG into the Bible, or the Apocrypha. However, there are sometimes lessons which can relate to situations in which all of us find ourselves, from time to time. If you’ve ever read the Maccabees, you’ve read how some of the former Jews, the ones who had left the fold, became fierce persecuters of their former brethren. I don’t want to do that. All of us have enough problems and challenges in our lives without us turning on one another and considering one another to be nonpersons.
    The best way to influence people to change is by showing them love. Yes, Jesus did have a parable about wheat and tares. Yes, He did utter the words “Let the dead bury the dead.” But, He Himself did not place undue emphasis on those, nor did He use them as all purpose paradigms in interpersonal relationships. Neither should we, though we are all imperfect and occasionally stumble in applying our beliefs or our own secular ethics.


  5. One more thing, Aggie. Armstrongism, the Messianics, the Russellites (JW’s), the SDA’s and some others tend to employ the Old Covenant as the key to understanding the New. Paul warns that this can blind people to the the New.

    Most mainstream Christians use the New Covenant to attempt to understand the rationale behind and necessity for the Old.

    So, yes. We use the same Bible. But, there is a fundamental and irreconcilable difference. It naturally makes for controversy.


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