Special Open Thread Friday

barack-obama-1I see a very interesting pattern on these Open Thread Friday (and one Saturday) posts. People have been very hopeful and optomistic about President-elect Barack Obama who will be sworn in this coming Tuesday. Yes, you can discuss anything you want here but I felt that it is coming so close to inauguration day that it would be appropriate  to have a theme about what are your wishes, hopes and prayers for President-elect Obama.  Read the other posts about what conduct is expect in participating here. Be civil, be respectful and keep it clean, otherwise there will be consequences. Otherwise enjoy the conversation.


6 thoughts on “Special Open Thread Friday

  1. I hope he enacts the fair tax, repeals the income tax amendment, turns the U.S. into a tax haven, shrinks the size of government drastically, pulls American troops out of all foreign countries, enforces security at the border, makes a reasonable path for legal immigration, puts down all attempts to undermine American sovereignty, stops the military from torturing people, returns congress to the Constitutionally mandated limit of powers it holds… I really could go on.
    I pray God gives him the wisdom and courage to do what is best for the people, instead of what is best for the government, and that God protects his family (especially his girls) from assassins and other terrible evils.

  2. Another prayer for President-elect Obama is that he’d eventually take a “moderate” pro-life position (like George Bush Sr.) and will eventually and unilaterally reject the concept of partial birth abortion in most circumstances.

  3. I can see him doing that, Felix–probably not going as far as Bush, Sr., but doing SOMETHING for the sanctity of life. A lot of conservatives will probably look at me and say “What?! Look at his record! He wanted to finish off babies once they were born. He promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act!” True, but Obama also voted to rescind the Bush tax cuts on those making over $45,000 a year, and now he’s planning not to rescind them. Actually, he’s giving people a tax cut. Obama voted for a lot of earmarks, but now he’s maintaining a no-tolerance policy on earmarks. He met with conservatives–not Hannity and Rush, but others like Bill Kristol. And he kept firm in inviting Rick Warren to give an inaugural prayer. So I have some hope for him–at least that things won’t be THAT bad.

  4. On this inauguration day, I prayed this morning that God would give Mr. Obama wisdom.

    I also prayed that God would convict Ron Weinland, so he puts an end to all the foolishness he’s brought on himself and the COG movement.

  5. President Obama seems to have a high level of support from the American people, and also from the news media. My hope is that he will use this support to exert true leadership, which is often opposite of being a politician. There are some tough decisions which will continue to need to be made, especially with regard to foreign policy.

    I hope that the president does what is needed to prevent any further domestic terrorist activities. I hope he will be a good steward of the economy. I also hope that he will do everything possible to safeguard our freedoms. Those are the biggies. Beyond that, everything would be icing on the cake.


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