For interest for British-Israelites…

…and everybody else who may be inclined. Watch this movie trailer, it will explain.


7 thoughts on “For interest for British-Israelites…

  1. ((When are they going to make Mystery of the Ages into a movie?))

    I hope not! Give me my Battlestar Galactica (the Lorne Greene ones) ANY DAY. It was based on Mormonism, I believe.

  2. In case you didn’t realise, this film is based on a true event.

    On Christmas day 1950 four students stole the stone from Westminster abbey in London, and took it to Scotland.

    As in the film in the process of stealing it they accidentally broke it in two. In Scotland it was professionally repaired. A few months later it was left it in an abbey in Scotland.

    Rather than keep it, the Church of Scotland returned it to England, although there was a persistent rumour that it was not the original stone that was returned.

    Original or not, in 1996 the British government agreed to let the stone return to Scotland anyway, where in now is kept on public display in Edinburg castle.

    The agreement is that it would be returned to Westminster any time that it is required for Coronation purposes.

    I suppose that’s fine all the time Scotland remains a part of the United Kingdom!

  3. Quest, I am well aware the movie IS based on a true event but I will thank you for the synopsis on what happened. As one who does have Scottish ancestry (on my mom’s side), it is also my hope that Scotland will be a part of the United Kingdom for many, many, years to come despite First Minister Alex Salmond’s wishes for the opposite.

  4. I just hope that Scotland and Ireland will continue making wonderful dark beer for generations to come, UK or not. If they had to choose between staying in the UK or continuing to make fabulous dark beer, I hope they choose the beer. Other than that, I have no horse in this race. My ancestors are English. Came over in the Susan Constant to Jamestown colony.

    Call me America Prime. 😉

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