Open Thread Friday


yosemitefallsHere’s a random picure of Yosemite Park in California. I just had to put it to remind me that warmer weather is coming in Toronto but that’s okay I will wait for the 3 and a half months before it gets here. It’s time again: Open Thread Friday! You know the rules folks! Keep it civil and keep it clean! Remember the suggestions of  let’s say, how to write properly as I keep harping on when to capitalize letters and when to use lower case, etc.,etc.,etc. Offenders will be dealt with, as usual. Time to yak it up again!


5 thoughts on “Open Thread Friday

  1. I was at the laundromat today with a copy of UCG’s “World News and Prophecy.” It’s doing a series on what a “servant of God” might say to our incoming U.S. President, and it stirred me to some analysis.

    It seems to me the only people in the U.S. who can turn the country in a proper direction are barred from doing so. The Church of God members, I mean.

    They can’t run for office, under traditional COG rules. They’re not supposed to vote (although I know some who do). They’re left to hope and pray some “Christian falsely so-called” takes office — and then try to convert them to “the truth” to set things straight.

    If a candidate converted to a COG group during a campaign, that would be too early. Even if he/she had a big lead a week before Election Day, under COG rules that candidate would have to give up the race — rather than go on to victory, and make things right upon taking office.

    It seems like an ultimately fatalistic approach to me — unless a COG member drops out of the church to run for office, gets elected, then announces upon taking office he/she is back “in the fold.”

    It would be as clever as the people who think Barack Obama will take the oath of office on a Koran, and say “Allah u-Akbar” during his inaugural speech to reveal once and for all he’s Muslim.

  2. …but if President-elect Obama says he prays to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is all Obama needs for the success of the United States. It is my prayer that it’s just the case.

  3. Actually Richard, a guy called Lussenheide who is Californian based, who runs a more moderate version of an XCG is running for Congress in 2010 not as a Democrat, not as a Republican but as a member of the Constitutional Party. I wish him success and make incoming President Obama to spend taxpayer money responsibly.

  4. Is praying to Jesus enough? Traditional COG’s would say no. They’d quote Luke 6:46: “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,” and do not do what I say?” (Hoping italics aren’t out of bounds here.)

  5. What I meant to say is that President-elect Obama NEEDS ONLY Jesus Christ, not just praying to Him (which, of course would be beneficial) but relying on Him in all areas of his upcoming administration. By the way, italics and even boldface to emphasize one’s point is perfectly allowed here! Your grammar is exemplarary and should serve as a model for all! 🙂

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