Happy New Year and Yes, It’s Open Thread Friday

sydneyx-topper-mediumLet me take the time first and foremost to wish all a happy, prosperous, abundant and healthy new year of 2009. We have definately have went out the old and into the new. This is the third week of my brand new type of thread called Open Thread Friday in which YOU the reader can talk about anything YOU want in relationship to religion, spirituality and theology. Oh yes, I will repeat the rules and guidelines if you want to play ball.

1) As a religious/spiritual person—TEACH about your faith but NOT PREACH which INCLUDES spiritual death threats!  This also includes judging a persons eternal destiny. For example, “If you believe in what Trudeau said about getting government out our bedrooms, you are not really a Christian!“ You may feel strongly about an issue like that but I believe that is God`s perogative—NOT mine, NOT yours to judge somebody`s heart like that. Which leads me to number 2): Be passionate but be respectful and civil to everyone.  No negative personal attacks are allowed.  Stubborn willed manipulative offenders will have their posts automatically deleted without warning and without appeal. 

Oh yes, Spam is not allowed, that’s why David Ben Ariel did not see his Obama-bashing spam through the light of day on my other other open thread.  I even had spam linking me to porn at one time (and trust me I will delete that garbage in a second!). This is a place to have a conversation, not to put pressure on people in getting a product. Speaking about  having a conversation, I will repeat these guidelines too:

1)Use capitalization appropriately. To use capitalization in all words sounds to us like you are shouting at us and not having a conversation. 2) Use lower cases appropriate. Meaning that if you don`t capitalize a single letter when appropriate makes it sound you are a lazy and proud of it youngster who believes that ignorance is a virtue and the world came into existence since 1981­.

Believe me, there is a lot to talk about. What are your plans for 2009? Are you going plan to bring them into actual being? What are your wishes for the year? Do you feel that many in XCGdom will see the light of the day more than anyother year or we are just going to hear people like Ron Weinland make another silly prediction, it fails but his congregants forgive and make multiple excuses for him anyway?  On New Year’s Day, I saw the movie Changeling (a true story mind you) which starred Angelina Jolie which dealed with a single mother who had a missing child and fighting the corrupt LAPD in the 1920’s (yes LAPD had public relations problems back then! There just seems to be a  pesky quasi-facist element in that police force) but a minister played John Malkovich who dared to help Angelina Jolie`s character in a time of need and the balls, the courage and had a no nonsense fortitude to love the righteous and fight evil. Some Christians have a silly saying that `Chrisitians are not supposed to be angry but can be righteously indignant.“ Well that character played by John Malkovich was truly righteously indignant. He was not a wimp (and the opposite of wimp is a real man!). The Christian Church today needs DESPERATELY MORE Gustav Brieglebs  (the Malkovich character)and we need them NOW!!! As you well now know, I may respect Anglican Bishop Spong but I thoroughly reject in which I call his incoherent theology (which I find more incoherent than Armstrongism on certain points) but he had a smart saying that Christianity must change or it will die! We need ministers to take a stand against the injustices that are going on in society in 2009! There is a hell of a lot more serious issues out there besides gay marriage, creationism vs. evolution and other neurosies the evangelical right want  to inflict on their congregants in the name of  personal holiness but I guess that would make them feel outside their  little white middle class comfort zone. I thought in the Bible , the greatest love was to lay down your life for your fellow man.  Enough here guys, time to yak it up for round 3! Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Yes, It’s Open Thread Friday

  1. I don’t know how many of our friends here are into Christian films, but I just saw two very excellent ones, back to back on TBN. The Moment After, and The Moment After II were about what happens in the immediate aftermath of the Rapture. Two FBI agents are assigned to investigate the sudden massive disappearance of people. They stumble across “subversive” Christians, one of whom they arrest because he is on the most wanted list. Through the prompting of their captive, one of the agents is led to accept Jesus Christ. He allows his Christian captive to escape, and ends up on death row at a federal prison facility.

    This is a time in which everyone who has not refused it has been implanted with a chip, the biological encoding and satellite tracking (b.e.a.s.t) chip. Without it, people are unable to work, buy, or sell. Christians are in little clusters, huddled together for their mutual survival, and are under seige by global security and criminal groups.

    I’m not going to be a plot spoiler, but there is some very good acting on these films, and some excellent and powerful messages as well. I assume they would be available at one’s local video store, and believe they are a worthwhile watch.

    Happy New Year, everyone!


  2. I can’t really answer that, Russell. I missed the first half hour.
    Hopefully they’ll show it on one of the companion networks like The Church Channel, or JCTV, and I’ll get to find that out.


  3. This looks cool so far, what’s up people?
    If it’s not just all bots here, let me know. I’m looking to network
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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