A New Feature: Open Thread Saturday

meandjohnsplit07Talk about anything you want in pertaining in the area of spirituality, theology and religion! It can include current events, it can relate to the feuding COGlets or something totally different! Before you start keep in mind of thse basic rules. One is allowed to TEACH about their faith not PREACH! This includes “spiritual” death threats on anybody who does not agree or comply with their point of view. Keep it civil and polite. We can be passionate in our view but we DO NOT involve ourselves in personal negative attacks against each other. Last but not least, no spam! Need I explain more? Deliberate contraventions of these rules will be automatically deleted without warning! Also what makes things helpful is that one learns to spell properly (I am forgiving about typo errors, I can correct them if necessary), capitalize letters when necessary (if you do that all the time, it just seems you are just yelling not talking) and use lower cases when necessary (if you do this all the time, it gives the impression that you are being lazy). Otherwise, yak it up!


9 thoughts on “A New Feature: Open Thread Saturday

  1. I’m starting to like Obama more and more. He’s pissing off the liberals, and he’s pissing off the conservatives at the same time – which means he’s probably doing something right.

    I don’t like the fact that he’s going to have Rick Warren doing his invocation, but I would rather there not be an invocation at all. Who does it really isn’t material.

    I don’t know if he’s going to get us out of what 30 years or so of Republican rule (excluding Clinton) has given us, but he’s going to be our best hope for doing so. If McCain had won… I’m an atheist, and I’d still say God help us all.

  2. Is there anybody else out there interested in the sect that existed before the Saul/Paul conversion — the sect that is called The Way when translated into English, and Urxa in Aramaic? It consisted mainly of the disciples of Jesus and the teachings that can be distilled out of the Gospels – the four in the Bible and possibly some of the others as well. After the loss of Jesus the sect was led by James in Jerusalem. It appears that they disagreed with Paul who changed and added to the original teachings. Do Christians think that Paul was divinely inspired? Is it possible that Christianity is mainly based on Paul’s teachings rather that the original teachings? I have no wish to annoy or upset people – I just wish to understand. Thanks…

  3. I agree with you on Obama. If he’s going to be this way, we are blessed with a great leader. Though today is exactly a month from now, he will be sworn in and he has shown tremendous leadership during this economic crisis. I sincerely wish him the best. As I said on James’ blog, the Republicans need to change or die. It’s that simple. Onward, upward for Republicans who are progressive and conservative. Farewell, to those Republicans who are regressive, reactionary and take pride in know-nothingism (I am being polite).

    About Rick Warren, I don’t much about him (except that he has a book called The Purpose Driven Life—which I have yet to read thoroughly) but I prefer him over Pat Robertson or the late Jerry Fallwell any day, hands down. Do I agree with him on same-sex marriage? Yes I do. Here’s the thing to, Obama believes that marriage is between a man and a woman but believes in civil unions for same-sex couples. I call that the best compromise ever proposed but the religious right and “so-called” progressive will find something to start a fight about but governing the United States is not always a “black and white” proposition. There has and always will be those “grey” areas to be dealt with.

  4. Welcome aboard Que!

    I remember Dennis Diehl mentioning stuff similiar to the topic you are talking about. Try to find some of what he says in the comments section of Gavin’s blog. Actually, Dennis believes Paul was a con artist to say the least. I would say that God did use Paul but Paul was sure ain’t perfect. He could be insensitive, unfeeling, obnoxious, nebulous but his intellect was (and is) to be respected and did his integral part of building an ethical monotheistic religion that would transform the world for better or worse. I would say, that Western Christianity has put a lot of focus on Pauline Christianity. It would be interesting to hear more of let say…Johanine Christianity (Christianity as interpreted by the Apostle John). At least the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church falls in that category…

  5. I’m pleased that Obama is inviting Rick Warren to pray at the inauguration. It shows he’s open to the views of evangelicals.

    At the same time, didn’t Nicolae Carpathia in the Left Behind series also invite evangelicals to have a seat at the table?

  6. Regarding Paul, I tend to believe that dispensations exist. This is why there were covenants with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, the Israelites under Moses, David, and the Christians. The concept of dispensation allows for the progressive revelation of truth from Father God to mankind.

    HWA always insisted that Simon Magus was the father of modern (Catholic and Protestant) Christianity. If you read Paul without putting on your Herbert W. Armstrong cheap sunglasses, you begin to realize that Paul expounded upon the practical applications of Jesus Christ’s teachings. Jesus most certainly was changing things, considering that He did not deny that his grain harvesting disciples were “breaking the sabbath” in a classic sense, and shifted the emphasis away from the law and into the heart both then, and also through the Beatitudes and His Sermon on the Mount. Jesus Himself kept and fulfilled the law prior to his crucifixion. Paul was chosen by Him to explain what this all meant for non-Jewish (gentile) converts to the Christian faith, who according to the book of Acts, agreed that gentile converts should be held accountable on a Noahide, as opposed to Orthodox Jewish, standard. The problem today is that some want to make all of us Anglo Saxon gentiles into Jews!

    I have no problems with Paul. Were I a Jew, I might tend to see him as a usurper. But, then again, the Jewish Pharisees of Jesus day considered Him to be a usurper, bigtime! We are told several times throughout the gospels that Jesus’ disciples
    just didn’t get it. Jesus even told them that they would, later on, when the comforter came to help them.

    The Bible is a big book, not unlike the telephone book. You can usually find what you are looking for, but sometimes stuff is unlisted. Keeps life interesting. The important part is not to give up!


  7. [[At the same time, didn’t Nicolae Carpathia in the Left Behind series also invite evangelicals to have a seat at the table?]]

    Uh…James, Barack’s not The Antichrist. It’s only a novel (and yes, a movie series).

  8. The tip about comments by Dennis Diehl in Gavin’s blog was fruitful! He recommends a book on the subject – called ‘Paul the Mythmaker’ by Hyam Maccoby, that has mostly very good reviews on the Amazon site.
    Thanks again.

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