Martin vs. Spong on the John Ankerberg Show: Here is the rest, clips 9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15!

For those who have been waiting for the rest of the clips, finally!!!  The “ex-gay” guest who was invited later in the show gave a powerful and interesting testimony to say the least and though for many years I have taken a hard-line against Bishop Spong for him wanting to radically redefine Christian orthodoxy, I was glad he took the “church fathers”  to task like St.Jerome (a pure misogynist and proud of it) and John Chryssom (an anti-Semite and proud of it, condemned believers celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles in Jewish synagogues—so much for Jewish-Christian relations in the 4th century!). So there are some things I can share common ground with Bishop Spong but when it comes to the ressurection of Jesus Christ, I cannot in no way compromise that doctrine. I believe it was a literal ressurection from the dead and Jesus Christ’s body had new and amazing powers. Bill Maher may think I have built a wall on one side of my brain. Bishop Spong would call me a “fundamentalist” and would tell me to start believing in his interpretation of  “ressurection of our hearts”.  To me it is the literal ressurection of  Christ, or we should all either join another religion or at least be non-theistic. Yea, I am with CS Lewis all the way: either Jesus Christ was Lord, lunatic or liar. Christianity stands or falls on the ressurection of Christ and if one wants to call that fanatical, so be it.  I hope those will enjoy the following clips. I am interested in your comments about them.



One thought on “Martin vs. Spong on the John Ankerberg Show: Here is the rest, clips 9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15!

  1. Thanks for posting these. I am a big fan of Ankerberg and have watched many programs of his including GTA’s indefensible defense of “soul sleep”, as well as the Catholic church, Jehovah’s Witness, and others.
    I found this one especially appealing since I am now an Episcopalian (well, more correctly Anglican as we recently aligned with an orthodox Anglican diocese). This video just underscores the prevalent revisionist, anti-Biblical leadership coming from the national TEC. Even though this was recorded many years ago, it has only since denegrated into a place where all religious ideas are tolerated, even those which explicitly are anti-Christian! Spong needs to be more up on his scholarly assertions! He doesn’t hold a candle to Walter Martin. Martin is a TRUE Biblical scholar, unlike Spong’s sensationalistic antics. A church that would appoint a person like Spong to the office Bishop is one which has lost its way.

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