J has moved on to WordPress too!


It has been over a year and a half that I have moved this blog to wordpress. I believe I have still done the right thing. WordPress.com has it’s nice gadgets. J, of Shadows of WCG on the other hand has immediately decided to end Shadows of WCG as we know it on Blogger.com, with the exception to let it run on cyberspace for archival purposes. As J, moves to WordPress, he is starting something different. According to him it is more “journalistic” in its approach to discussing the splinters of Armstrongism. The name of this new site is called Everything COG at http://everythingcog.wordpress.com/. As I have wished that Shadows will last for decades (and probably will as archives), I hope this everything you need to know about the XCGs will be around for a long time too. If J, wants me to do some book reviews on let`s say The Armstrong Empire or Armstrongisms 300 Errors Exposed By 1300 Verses, I will gladly do it. I also thank him for praising my blogsite saying ,

Felix Taylor’s well written and honest blog on musings of life after the Church of God experience. Honest and to the point, Felix brings a refreshing viewpoint from Canada.

With other links to blogs, J has a left-right spectrum. You are left if you are anti-XCG and orthodox in Christianity, right if you are pro-XCG. I guess for myself, I guess I am probably the radical centrist of bloggers. I am definately anti-Armstrongist, pro-orthodox in my Christianity but the only Church of God I like to see around succeeding is the Church of God (Seventh Day) and I am supportive of Armstrongist Refuseniks (read my post October 2007) being somewhat hopeful that they at some pont can embrace orthodoxy but at the same time retain some of their distinctives that do not compromise Christian essentials. As always I wish J, the very best in his new project.


7 thoughts on “J has moved on to WordPress too!

  1. Aggie, he says this about xHWA of Escaping Armstrongism:

    ((This blog is written by an individual who has very recently left the Churches of God. This blog is highly Christian in theology, and decidedly “left”, anti-COG in it’s tone and style.))

    We ALL know that xHWA ain’t no “non-believer”!

  2. Found it! I’m controversial and I’m a Trekkie! J says I used to go to Worldwide, which is somewhat true–I visited twice, once under the old regime, and once under the new, happy-clappy evangelical regime. But I actually grew up in Garner Ted’s group.

  3. Hi everybody! Hi Aggipurplatch! Hi Felix! Hi James!

    Nah, I aint “leftist”, nor am I “non-believer”-ist. I’m definitely a Ron Paul r3VOLutionary, with a tight (although searching) Christian bent, and a healthy distrust towards Armstrongism. I wish he would have put something on my bio that mentions how I’m focusing on helping people leave Armstrongism. And I also promote the COG7, Felix! Way to go on that! w00t!

    I’m reading ‘left’ as anti-COG as well. I’m not accustomed to being called ‘left’. It feels strange, like burning.

    I should clarify that I’m not against ArmstrongISTS, only ArmstrongISM. I have nothing but deep love and concern for ArmstrongISTS.

    And that looks like it’s going to be a pretty good blog. I can’t wait to see some more stuff!

  4. xHWA,

    It is my hope at some point with your stay with CG7 that you will meet Whaid Rose. Wonderful guy! He is truly the anti-Armstrong in every sense of the word!

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