Mike Huckabee challenges Bill Maher on Religulous


I don’t get Fox News in my cable system here in Toronto, Canada but I know that former U.S. presidential canidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has his own show on the network. Here he engages in a civil discussion with Bill Maher about his recent documentary Religulous. I have always liked Governor Huckabee and I will dare say it is lazy, irresponsible and non-thinking to categorize him as simply as just another right wing religious nut. Frankly, I find him a lot better than Sarah Palin hands down (at least he respects critical thinking, Governor Palin does not). Enough of politics, here’s his challenge on Bill Maher’s Religulous.


5 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee challenges Bill Maher on Religulous

  1. Of all the Republican candidates, Mike Huckabee was most definitely my favorite. I found out he’s also an accomplished rock n roller, a bass player, but that’s just the icing on the cake.

    Sadly, I believe that the media and a certain percentage of the American public put all people of faith in the same box. It’s a sad case, in the minds of some who can’t discern the subtle differences, of guilt by association. George W. Bush made some very unpopular decisions, and his faith was nearly universally blamed for them. In different times, he probably would have been classified as a statesman, as opposed to a politician. Bill Clinton, otoh, had generally governed by focus groups and concensus. I suppose some would consider that to be a purer form of democracy, but the presidency of the United States is not intended to be a popularity contest. There is supposed to be more substance to that office. I’ve remarked on numerous occasions that I personally did very well during the Clinton presidency, however, we now know by the mortgage crisis that some of the adverse effects of that administration had delayed effect, and became postponed into W’s watch.

    I never thought that John McCain was the strongest possible candidate. Irrational fear or prejudice against another devout president elliminated both Huckabee and Romney.

    I do have high hopes for Barack Obama. He has quite a groundswell of popular support, and hopefully will govern from a centrist position. We’ll know shortly!


  2. Good points BB! Much as I dislike the self-righteous rigid moralizing of the religious right, I have little use for the smarminess of secularist liberals who seek to childishly throw the baby with the bathwater when it comes to our Judeo-Christian heritage in North America. Two wrongs do not make things right and they sure don’t make it even. America needs a third way, I hope Obama can contribute to it.

  3. Me too, Felix. As I noted on another site, we are always bombarded with fear rhetoric on the political front. The spin doctors all seem to want us to believe that the consequences of electing other than their own party will be so dire that they will be unthinkable. We have extreme conservatives branding president-elect Obama as a socialist or Marxist before he even takes office and demonstrates how he will govern. How about that for logic? Extremists labeling their opponent as being extremist! Of course, I also detest it when politicians attempt to suppress free speech and or dissent in the guise of political correctness, and would never want to see extremists silenced. It would be nice sometimes to see the rhetoric ratcheted down a bit, but it would be intellectually dishonest to suppress it.

    My two “top of the list” hopes for the new administration is that they do something good for the economy, and that they make it a priority to continue to position the US as Israel’s staunchest ally.


  4. Hey Steven,

    I am pro-life but I think that the pro-choice side (with the exception of some extremists) is more complicated than it really is. If you want my further feelings on the subject, refer to my Intelligent Quote of the Day post in which I quoted CS Lewis’ stepson Douglas Gresham.

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