More Ankerberg: Walter Martin’s last debate with Bishop Spong!

Sorry James, no GTA this time but this is one of a debate from the late Walter Martin of the Christian Research Institute and liberal theologian and Episcopal priest John Shelby Spong in which they discuss the essentials of historic Christian faith and sexual ethics. I believe these clips are in 15 parts.  I am just going to put only one here and worry about the rest later. Those who have seen the GTA-John Ankerberg debates here this summer, will also like this debate here too. As a note, this debate was taped on June 24th, 1989 and two days later on the 26th, Dr.Walter Martin’s earthly course was finished and was in eternal communion with his God.

…also to make this clear, Bishop Spong is not related to my knowledge to former WCG minister Grant Spong.


2 thoughts on “More Ankerberg: Walter Martin’s last debate with Bishop Spong!

  1. I appreciate this, Felix. Back in the late 1980s, I had spent approximately ten years as an atheist, in my recovery from WCG. I was beginning to realize that atheism simply does not work, and I was once again, searching for answers. During that time period, I began to listen to two teachers. One was Dr. Gene Scott, who, although I enjoyed, did not leave me with the feeling that he was error free or reliable. The other was the Bible Answer Man, Walter Martin, whose answers were always based upon scripture. I loved listening to Mr. Martin, and then almost as soon as I had found him, he was gone. I never felt that I could trust the guy who “replaced” him.

    I spent another nearly twenty years being one precarious step ahead of atheism on the food chain, being disillusioned, not knowing what to believe, and calling myself agnostic for lack of a better term. But, fortunately, I was always a seeker! Now, as I look back, I can see that God used both Dr. Scott, and Mr. Martin to get me thinking in the right directions again. I tell you, we live in wonderful times! It is just awesome to have the resources we need to support our faith through the internet! All we need to know is where to look.

    BTW, these debate segments are very pertinent for all of us right now. There are numerous people within the ACOG community who have bought into the “one God” point of view, and who are convinced that Jesus was not God. So, thank you for bringing our attention to this debate!


  2. I’ll be interested to watch these. Spong says in one of his books that he originally challenged Falwell to a debate. Falwell declined, but Ankerberg accepted his challenge. I always thought Spong was arrogant, and that’s how he comes across in public. In person, he’s actually quite nice. When he was teaching at Harvard, he smiled and nodded to me on a few occasions. Not many Harvard professors did that!

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