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Oh yes, I am just barely scratching the surface!  When schedule permits, I am also going to review parts of NT Wright’s book Suprised By Hope in which he knocks stereotypical thinking about the reward of the saved is being a disembodied spirit floating on a cloud. This may anger former XCGers but in a sense the historic WCG was right that earth is the reward of the saved! Well, the premise may have been right but the details…they are always up to interpretation and contrary opinion, of course.  Bruxy Cavey of Oakville based The Meeting House also has something to say about the subject. Go here to listen to his sermon and get an outline of his sermon on PDF format. Doug, if you’re out there, no comments about his long hair. Focus on the message, Doug, the message.


3 thoughts on “Reward of the Saved

  1. The traditional belief about the ultimate reward of the saved is not to be a “disembodied spirit floating on a cloud.” That’s a stereotype.

    Historic Christianity (and I’m speaking as a Catholic) believes the ultimate reward is for one’s soul and resurrected body to be reunited at the Second Coming (for those who have died) and live in communion with God forever.

    I don’t know of any reason why the time would not be spent on earth, but I don’t see that it’s limited to earth either. I don’t think the location is a crucial matter. The important part is that is that we will be part of God’s family in the closest way possible. That’s what makes it “heaven.”

  2. Oh Goody!!!! I read ‘Surprised by Hope’ twice and loved it. Especially after reading ‘Heaven’ by Randy Alcorn – good, entertaining, but way to elementary. I look forward to your reviews. And I agree with Darren – we probably won’t be limited to earth in the resurrected age to come. Remember how Paul mentioned that the whole creation is groaning – awaiting the revealing of the sons of God. How exciting!

  3. Actually, there is a lot of different material coming from some good Christian churches, about as rooted in Scripture as you can get, and it is totally different from what we were led to believe by WCG.

    One teaching I found fascinating is that we will not become spiritual beings. Jesus had a glorified physical body when He manifested himself to the disciples following His resurrection and ascent to the Father. I like the idea of having a noncorruptible physical body, and living in the New Jerusalem rather than being some sort of amorphous essence.

    I don’t know if anyone else here has seen Jefferson Moore’s “The Stranger” series. It’s kind of cool. Modern Jesus, in physical body, interacting with and relating to humans just as He did in His physical life 2,000 years ago. It’s just an awesome, inspiring program!

    I’ve read some N T Wright, but am not familiar with Bruxy Cavey. Sounds like I need to visit Berean Christian Bookstore this weekend!


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