For Daren Carey: Catholic Priest critiques Religulous!

I don`t know who Father Barron is, I just picked this video up from Smart guy. Just lends his 2 cents: intelligently.


7 thoughts on “For Daren Carey: Catholic Priest critiques Religulous!

  1. It’s good to question religion. Bei ng a member of the old WCG from long ago(I left in 1974 in a “big split” led mostly by Dr. Ernest Martin), I have had many years to learn and study quite a bit about religion, and, like most who left the WCG, have little use for religion.

    I do believe in God, but not religion. For some of my ideas, check out my blog, which is hopefully listed with this comment.

  2. Welcome aboard Ralph! Thanks for your blogsite and I look forward to some updates to it. People who believe in God minus organized religion will be a force to be reckoned with. For anyone to ignore this impending realty does it to their own peril.

  3. In principle, I agree with what Father Baron says in his video. It’s reasonable.

    Remember that “religion” is not a bad word.

    St. James wrote, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

    He also wrote that, for a hypocrite, “his religion is worthless.” But even here, religion is not the problem; it’s the faulty practitioner.

  4. In relationship to this sight being a place where former and present WCG members can talk is really an exercise in “religion” of sorts. Being a part of the WCG took a very personal part of us for a very bumpy ride.

    I think Fr. Baron’s comment about religion being a “surrender” in profound. In WCG we did what religious people do – we “surrender”. However, that surrender did not produce the fruit that true love should produce. We got burnt. So, I think it natural that for many of us; especially from my reading of many contributors to this blog, that there is a great fear of “surrendering” again to a religion because of the great pain that being in the WCG caused to so many. In its essence an act of faith is an act of surrender. A Christian life is a life of learning to trust in a God we do not see believing that He is LOVE. Our life is full of moments where we must make personal decisions of faith and trust. True religion makes one feel that the surrender was worth it. The post by Darren demonstrates a deeper surrender – one that’s willing to donate the self without any expectation of return. The more true a religion the more it leads us to proper trust and surrender. As the Holy Scriptures say — SEEK and you shall find; it might be a lifelong process, but it’s an act of faith and trust and a cooperation with out soul that’s created in the image of God to find it’s reason for being.

    I really think the reason people visit this blog is to try to fit the puzzle of their life in hope that someone will give their life some direction; especially with that traumatic experience of being in the WCG.

  5. Religion and science dont conflict? Bla Bla Bla …. you can butter it , put wip cream with 2 cherries on top, and you cannot ignore the reality that science and the bible are not agreeing on many many things.
    Faith is a surrender that falls beyond reason = unreasonable.
    “Go all the way with your mental powers in reguard to god”, All this tells me that all of this belief is all in your mind, because of course god doesnt talk to people, heal amputees, provide fish n bread for the starving children in this world etc.

    In Religulous we only see alot of religious people trying to defend and explain their belief with very little or no evidence which is what I see in this video. The world is tired of pretty words and false hope.

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