Oh yes, I am seeing it this weekend!

Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous, of course—which debuts this Friday in the theatres! Me and my friend Joe (a former Worldwider) is looking sooo forward to see this movie! Some ultra conservative true believers will question why I am seeing such a movie that borders on blasphemy according them. Again, these people have purposely missed the point. Bill Maher has consistently said he is not against the concept of God—but of organized religion. Also Bill Maher has long since argued that organized religion has become a bureaucracy or a middleman to God. I have never agreed with everything that Bill has to say about religion but I can only credit him of making me and many others “think”. When I met Tony Campolo when he visited Toronto in 1999 at the People’s Church, I agreed with Tony Compolo’s conclusion that Bill Maher is a very intelligent person. Dr.Campolo has many times have been on Bill’s previous show Politically Incorrect. Here is some youtube.com clips from CBC news that discuss his movie and two clips from ABC’s The View in which Bill Maher appears on talking to the regular panel.  To Bill Maher fans I can only say, “enjoy”, and make it a point to see “Religulous”.



6 thoughts on “Oh yes, I am seeing it this weekend!

  1. Oy! There ya go again! Praising Compolo! Don’t you know by now that REAL Christians would NEVER listen to him!!!!!! 😉

    I have most of his books and find him very relevant in the things he has to say. I like him even more because he ticks of former Armstrongites who now think they are more righteous than others because they are part of Misery Synod or conservative Calvinism. They left the legalistic baloney of Herbalism for the legalistic baloney of MS and hyper-Calvinism.

  2. I used to watch his HBO show when I got HBO. I’ve had to make cutbacks!

    But my impression is that he does have a problem with God. The reason is that what we know about God is mediated by man. I’m not sure if he thinks we can separate “God” from organized religion.

  3. ABC’s Nightline did a segment on Maher’s movie, and he came across to me not an anti-religion, but outright atheistic.

    Asked about the presidential candidates’ statements of belief in God, Maher said: “I hope they’re lying.”

  4. I just saw the flick a couple hours ago. It was absolutely entertaining if you can get passed Bill Maher’s smugness. If you are a fan of Maher, the movie is great, but you also have to understand that he is a comedian, not a brilliant scholar. He is right on one thing — nothing has led to more killing, death, and destruction than differing religious beliefs.

  5. Fair point gearsofrock. As I repeatedly mentioned before, I agreed with Tony Compolo that Bill is a very intelligent person but you are correct that he is still a comedian, not a scholar and this is perhaps where you found a sense of smugness where he thought he can blur the lines of demarcation. I did enjoy the movie anyway. Glad you seen it.

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