Rabbi Boteach’s view on the 2008 US Election


I like Rabbi Shmuely Boteach, a New York City based Orthodox Jewish spiritual leader, who authored many books such as Kosher Sex, Judaism For Everyone (both of which I own), The Private Adam: Becoming a Hero in a Selfish Age, his hard ass and hard hitting Hating Women: America’s Hostile Campaign Against the Fairer Sex and  10 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Children among others. He also has on TLC, he has a show called Shalom In The Home and as of late, has a radio show on Oprah’s radio network. A very brilliant man who makes compelling cases whether wholeheartedly agree or passionately disagree—you just simply cannot ignore what he says. Read his latest comment on his website called, G-d’s Thoughts on the Presidential Election. It is truly something to think about really deeply. Enjoy it.





4 thoughts on “Rabbi Boteach’s view on the 2008 US Election

  1. What a wonderful positive example! Rabbi obviously believes in finding good, and complimenting it. I’ve been quite amazed at the comments of many of our ex-COG brethren on some of the forums, tearing this candidate or that candidate down. Really, each of the candidates has an assortment of admirable qualities. Basic partisan philosophy is what each of us would tend to be loyal to, and to vote for, and this is often determined by our individual needs, and which party appears to be best suited to meet them.

    Thanks for this breath of fresh air!


  2. Here’s what struck me after reading some news online this afternoon:

    Canada’s PM is about to dissolve Parliament and call a national election for October 14 — a campaign of about five weeks.

    The USA has been at it since January 3 (Iowa caucuses) — and we’re still two months (at least) away from having a President-elect.

    And then USA’ers laugh at the Canadians????

  3. “And then USA’ers laugh at the Canadians????”

    Whatever. If it takes five weeks or five days I, for one, will be very happy when Steve-O gets shown the door! :mrgreen: And why won’t they let Elizabeth May SPEAK fercrineoutloud?!?! At least if a lot of people vote GP, it might send a message just how disaffected Canadians are with both parties at this time.

    Well, that, and better subsidies for public transportation are always top of my list. :mrgreen:

    Le sigh. I suspect sometimes, even though we were not contributing citizens of society when we were in the church, in was better, in that at least we didn’t have to stress ourselves over who/what to vote for, and which of the two parties is the lesser of the evils and/or matches our own politics.

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