Needs some laughs?

Thanks to the Meeting House and their series, “What’s The Worst That Could Happen?” I have linked The Meeting House on this blog but I will give you the website here so you can check them out here and get ready for a bellyache of laughs!


7 thoughts on “Needs some laughs?

  1. Just viewed the videos put out by the Meeting House. Very sad that they go to those lengths to make church acceptable to visitors. I remember reading how Jonathon Edwards used to read his sermons with his glasses perched on his nose in a normal voice. No fanfare. No gimmicks. Just the power of the Holy Spirit. People hung on to the pillars in the church for fear of falling into hell in one sermon (Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God). Look at the lives of Whitfield, Wesley, Jonathan Owen etc. These men knew God and followed Him with a passion. The Meeting House like many other churches has lost sight of the Holiness and Power of the Almighty and has become indeed a ship of fools.

    God help us and raise men and women who will tremble at the Word of God and not try to water it down with their liberal, emergent philosophies.

  2. Boy! Bruxy and The Meeting House seem like they can’t win.
    There are those that think they are too liberal or too conservative (in cool disguise). Even somebody called Bruxy “pseudo” emergent…

  3. “pseudo emergent”?

    What does that even mean??

    Mark me down as “they’re way too conservative, underneath all that teeny-bopper appealing hype”. To the other commenter, I initially thought “Meeting House” might be similar to Ship of Fools, a site for Christian anarchists, but I realized my mistake and corrected it.

    Ship of Fools, on the other hand, now those are some Christians I can actually get behind! 🙂

  4. You know what Emergent is, I presume. You heard of Brian McLaren, his book A Generous Orthodoxy and the like. Probably this article from wikipedia at may help explain things far better than I can. You know what “pseudo” means. False. It was a contributor to the Toronto Sun Mariane Meed Ward (one who was an evangelical who became more liberal in her theology and politics) gave that title “pseudo-emergent” to Bruxy Cavey and The Meeting House. It seems Marianne Meed Ward sort of agrees with your position.

  5. I know the dictionary defs of both “pseudo” and “emerging”, but I wasn’t certain what the term meant in a religious context.

    Now that I think about it, didn’t that term come up on the old Shadows forum? ISTR it was discussed in the context of “We wanna still be religious, but we can’t explain why our fundamentalist dogma has more holes than your average block of Swiss Cheese.” :mrgreen:

    So then the OP was saying Meeting House was just branding themselves in a way to make it appear as though they were part of this “emergent church” movement, but they aren’t really, when you get down to the nitty-gritty? I can definitely agree with that, so looks like I do agree with the Sun writer.

    (Horrors! I agree with somebody who writes for the Sun!) 😯

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