Intelligent quote of the day

How do you know when to question authority? We need authority at times for our good and the orderly running of society. But how do you know when to question it? You’ll know! When your head says yes and that feeling in your tummy, right below the end of your sternum says “no”, then go with the feeling in the gut! You know. But all too often we know for a short time, and then we think too much and the knowing fades to a thinking which talks us out of it with ideas like, “well the BIble says,” or “the Pastor says.” Once that happens, we lose and comply to that which our tummy has tried to warn us about.

—Dennis Diehl, in an article titled, “Question Authority When that Feeling in Your Stomach is Stronger than the Thoughts in Your Head” rightfully telling anybody and everybody not to be afraid in using their intuition when it comes to dealing with authoritarian church leaders who don’t respect their followers but instead demand complete submission with everything they say. Expect more intelligent quotes from Dennis soon. The brother speaks the truth!


3 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. Good all-pupose advice from Dennis, as usual. Of course this violates the uppermost precept taught by HWA and the ACOGs. We were taught to take every word from the ministry as if it had been personally spoken to us by Jesus Christ. That, of course, violates the essence of Christianity, and the ability of the Holy Spirit to work within Christians on an individual basis.

    It always strikes me as being very odd when an ACOG member speaks of thinking for him/her self, and cites that as being the main reason as to why they subscribe to Armstrongism. That’s like saying, “I’m completely programmed, that’s why I think for myself.” Very Orwellian, when you ponder it!


  2. My friends the only authority in our lives comes from Yeshua and the Torah, the 613 mitvahs. Any other authority must be subject to that, “to the Torah and the Testimony”.
    Yeshua has given me authority ONLY in my OWN life to live it according to His will.

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