One website no more and a new blogsite added

Douglas Becker meant serious business by closing his Church Corporate site later in the week. He had great articles discussing what is pyschopathy, sociopathy, narcissism and other mental disorders that already exist in organized religion not limited to the XCG splinters—but organized Christian churches apart fromt the splinters. I don`t know where such valuable information like that can ever be matched. If I was`nt so busy at the time, I would have easily asked Douglas for most of his articles transferred to my blog but I guess what is done is done and I, for one truly enjoyed his ride.  Douglas is free to comment here anytime he chooses. I sincerely wish him well in his new venture(s) whatever they may be.

I have decided to put a new link to a blog called Messianic Jewish Musings by Derek Leman, a Messianic Jewish theologian, Congregational Leader of his Messianic Synagogue in Atlanta,Georgia and a man who defintaely knows how to follow God`s command of `Be fruitful and multiply.` 🙂 In other words, he has a big happy family. Some former WCGers and XCGers may hold strong objections to the blog link. Some aggressively suggest that Messianic Judaism and Armstrongism is the same. In return, I say emotive nonsense, it is no more than the perennial silly assertion that Barack Obama is a Muslim (while he specifically said he prays to His Savior Jesus Christ—but that`s another topic for another day). If some want to object, I have Doug Ward`s Grace and Knowledge ( a former WCGer himself), Robin Sampson`s Heart of Wisdom and John Garr`s Restoration Foundation websites which deal with the Hebraic roots of Christianity and Messianic Judaism. I am not removing those for anybody either. Yes, Armstrongism and Messianic Judaism does celebrate the Sabbath, the Holy Days, the dietary laws—but the similiarities end there and for one to conclude they are identcal based on these simple similiarities is making a rash and an emotively thoughtless mistake that nobody benefits in the long term. Messianic Judaism accepts the essentials of historic Christian faith like the triune nature of God and yes, they do believe that one is saved by faith through Yeshua`s (Jesus) grace—Armstrongism has stoutly denied these essentials time and time again. Oh yes for those who want to say Armstrongism and Messianic Judaism both believe in the law, again I assert absolutely no comparison.  Messianic Jews view the word law as Torah—which means teaching and instruction from a loving heavenly Father, not simply a rigid, cold legislative code to be enforced. Armstrongism believes that yes you got grace after you have been converted but after that, you obey their certain selections of the Law to carry you through the way. Yes, for one to get God`s grace through legalism—or to be justified by the law (instead of Christ) is Galatianism. I am not ignorant nor cavilier that there are some in Messianic Judaism that are Galatianists but it is irresponsible for me to assert that 90% are  that way, of course there are cultic elements in this group as they are many other groups. Read the late Jesse Ancona`s story toward the end the end of her e-book (I have the link here) with her dealings with a particular Messianic congregation in her area. Frankly when you deal with Messianic congregations that are charismatic in nature, I will just say two words, “Watch out!“

It is okay for one to not agree with Derek Leman on every single thing that he says , but on this blog I will not tolerate under any circumstances any personal vindictive attacks on this man.  You can disagree passionately but no name calling. Also I will say this now and make it loud, this blog is not a forum to bully and coerce people into agreeing with your disagreements. Attitudes like, “I am more spiritually advanced than you.“ simply just won`t do. Want to get James Pate fuming mad—just say those assertions but I know you`re much better than that. For those who want to test me, I will show you the door out and make sure that door doesn`t hit your backside on the way out!

Otherwise for everybody else, I hope many will benefit in every way of what Derek Leman has to say and teach. It will be something a little different and you will probably learn something new you haven`t known or thought about before.  I have this on my links section but I will give you the link here as well. Enjoy it!

9 thoughts on “One website no more and a new blogsite added

  1. Felix, I’m gratified that you found my website useful and I do think you deserve a more complete explanation.

    For some time, I’ve been wrestling with my involvement with the venue represented best by Ambassador Watch. It isn’t really healthy to engage in discussions of Armstrongism to any great degree. While I do want to help those who can be helped out of the venue, involvement is problematic.

    I believe Jesus Christ when he said that the sheep hear his voice. I think that those who are called will eventually be rescued from such cult environments if they are being led by the Holy Spirit and trust in God. It may be they will go through difficult times. Perhaps it is the testing that they need to become a better person. Maybe there is a point to all of it. Isaiah 40:31 should be considered.

    However, sometimes in order to help those involved in the terrible captivity of cults, it is easy to compromise. The Apostle Paul asks some hard questions I consider carefully in II Corinthians 6:14-18. It is a trap to accept atheists, agnostics and even Satan worshippers on an equal footing with Christians and it is easy to do. It’s easy to get sucked in by former WCG ministers who have gone atheist and participate in forums with abject nuts with mental disorders or worse. The Scripture says to try the spirits and when doing so, I find what is underneath the veneer to be fraud. Those who seem all so concerned with others are simply declaring once again “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!”, using forums, sites and blogs as a vehicle for their narcissism, as long as it isn’t very hard, doesn’t take very long and they can get credit for stealing material I’ve written for years and getting kudos for what a wonderful job they have done. Meanwhile, such people continue to assault their victims because that is their nature.

    The whole Armstrongist venue is rapidly filling up with opportunists who want to make a name for themselves by putting up a blog / website which capitalizes on the obvious, such as, well, some minister or other is a false prophet or they have issues with the old hymnal and find ways to feed their needs for narcissistic source. There isn’t really any commitment to helping victims. They don’t really put their money where their mouth is. They want the quick and easy cheap shot. With the plethora of drivel multiplying exponentially, any voice of reason revealing verified facts which expose narcissists and psychopaths for what they are tends to get lost — except that the facts push the hot buttons and get a visceral reaction from the narcissists and psychopaths resulting in a concerted attack to destroy the credibility of those facts and reflections and those who present them. There’s nothing like attacking someone who is pointing out and is appalled by depraved indifference. You’ve seen it right here and recently too. It’s hard to help people with such sites as because people don’t find the information. Instead, they find a lot of rubbish blather about some cheap shot about how the false prophet has made this or that comment again, all without giving any real help to increase the understanding of the person needing help and give them a background for actually resolving their issues. In other words — the short version — any help that people could get, gets lost in the background noise of drivel. It’s pretty confusing for the unitiated. [My favorite attack that someone made against me is, “What you say is true, but I don’t agree with you”.]

    The other reasons for abandoning the effort are, in no particular order:

    1) The economics of diminishing returns: I need to put the resources to better use;

    2) There are too many projects on the plate right now and for the foreseeable future that I’m falling behind and need to focus on other priorities;

    3) There need to be more positive approaches to the material and that requires a great deal of thought to re-form the material.

    You might note that I am in the process of revising:

    It does contain some better materials. However, I’ve also realized recently that I need to commit more to the prospect that God solves problems and not so much humanism. One only need look at the world today to realize that human effort hasn’t produced that much good fruit. Besides, my wife and I have experienced quite impossible, very large miracles lately. The goodness of God should never be denied [perhaps some time we can relate how we came to get our new Ford Escape Hybrid under impossible circumstances, and not the basic model, either].

    It isn’t that we should ignore the victims and I certainly don’t. What I see today grieves me deeply. I wish I could help and sometimes I have been given the opportunity to do so. However, sometimes people give their all for strangers in need and don’t take care of friends and family all that well. I don’t want to fall any further into that trap, particularly when the strangers never appreciate what has just been done for them [the coxcult project springs to mind].

    You should be aware that over a year ago, I saw this coming and have distributed a lot of my cultabuse materials to other parties who have incorporated some of the material at their websites. I wish I knew that you wanted to be on the list. You can have anything you want free without any strings if you still want the materials and I can get them to you some how. [Several have received the raw on cd in the past year.] I really need to escape Armstrongism myself by not participating in it that much, if at all.

    Felix, as I go forth and revise my other website, I would welcome your counsel as to what would be of most benefit from your perspective. Just what was the most useful information at from your perspective? Maybe it can be added back in a more positive form.

    I admire what you’ve done to this place and hope you will keep up the good work. It’s sort of a niche. Hopefully, it will accomplish what you have in mind.

    And thanks for your kind words.

  2. Well, Dougie, it’s like this. I do have a committment to helping victims. Just because I don’t do it the way you think I should, doesn’t make me the narcissist, it makes YOU the narcissist. And yet, you persist, in this extravagant burning of all of your bridges on your way out the door.

    I feel for you Dougie. I do. I hope you find peace out in the world beyond the computer screen.

  3. Just a reminder about psychopaths:

    1) Assessment;
    2) Manipulation;
    3) Abandonment.

    It’s all about games to create patsies, pawns and patrons — and wreck the credibility of those who would expose the psychopath as a threat.

    It should be noted that psychopaths have a rather visceral reaction when they are exposed for the frauds they are and expect an all out attack if you expose one.

    They generally lay claim to helping people but the end fruit of it is abuse: By their fruit you shall know them. And sometimes it’s like where words like leaves abound, little fruit of sense beneath is found.

    Or to put it in the words of Abraham Lincoln: But you can’t fool all the people all the time. [“J” seems to have caught on, more will follow.]

  4. Just to break the tension here. If you want to know what a real psychopath is like, I recommend that all of you see The Dark Night. The late Heath Ledger definately did his job as The Joker.

  5. Thanks for the link and for defending me in advance. Is someone likely to denounce me or my blog from here? Oh well, the world is full of opinions and I hope mine are more interesting than threatening.

    Thanks again and may our paths cross someday.

    Derek Leman

  6. Welcome aboard Derek and please visit here anytime!

    [ Is someone likely to denounce me or my blog from here?]

    I guess I should answer this as best as I can. Not you or your blog directly but Messianic Judaism at large. I do not know if you have been familiar with the Worldwide Church of God, it’s controversial founder Herbert Armstrong and the massive shake up in the 1990’s. You might want to check some of my links to understand better. As I have mentioned that Armstrongism in the WCG and the current splinters share some things similiar with Messianic Judaism but as I asserted in my post there are vast differences also. Most of Messianic Judaism embraces historic Christian faith and Armstrongism has traditionally and stubbornly (to their disadvantage) rejected it. There are some people who have been soured of their cultic experience in Armstrongism ( and rightly so and you must include me—who likes to be lied to and be used as an object which cults do anyway) and have misplaced anger on something that appears similiar to them but if given research they would discover something different. Unfortunately, a small vocal few, who cannot be reasoned at all would condemn anything and everything of Messianic Judaism, you cannot confuse them with the facts under any circumstances. Those people I have zero patience, tolerance and time for. I really don’t like bullies of anykind and I have been very tired of taking flack from anybody. I must be fair and also say that some people who left Armstrongism have participated and/or joined Messianic Judaism and are loving it and have benefited from such. I wish some more of them would also comment here too.

    Whew!!! I said a lot and I hope my explanation in someway helps.

    Yes, I hope to meet you some day in Atlanta—or you coming to Toronto. God bless.

  7. Sorry about the tension, Felix. Unfortunately Dougie seems to have latched onto me, just because I’m not a Christian believer. Unfortunate, because he struck me as an all-around stand-up guy, back in the day on AW, accepting and tolerant of everyone.

    Ah well. Takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. As for psychopaths, ILFPRW doesn’t meet Dougie’s strict definition above; no all-out attacks have ensued yet. Maybe the definition is flawed?

    I can state with absolute assurance that I can recognize a psychopath when I see one though, and yes, ILFPRW is without a doubt a psychopath.

    My definition for psychopath is a “person” (and I use that term loosely) who is lacking empathy and compassion, and has zero ability to feel either of those emotions in relation to other human beings.

    Then again, so many Armstrongist ministers and believers fell into that category back in the day, maybe my definition is flawed.

    Food for thought anyway.

  8. There is such a broad range of opinions within Messianic Judaism that is covers a spectrum from those who are predominately Evangelical in theology to those who call themselves “Orthodox or fully observant” Torah Messsianic believer.
    The Nazarene Jewish movement came out of Messianic Judaism because it sought to establish a more Torah observant lifestyle.
    It is true that Messianic Judaism whether fully observant or not, view the Torah as instruction and we “learn” the process of applying the mitzvahs one at a time. We simply do not fret like the Armstrongites if we are not fully keeping them all. As the Jews say, one Mitzvah at a time.

  9. Having some experience with the WCG and the many offshoots, almost entirely from friendships with members, I have noticed a tendency towards extremism in all aspects. If somone does something incomprehensible, its labeled as psychopathic, criminal, un-christian, etc. These extreme characterizations are very common, and indicate more a lack of understanding. For example, a common practice I have seen from the WCG family of believers is to place the seeking of blessings from God above all else, followed by a kind of unwritten doctrine that all blessings derive from God, and thus any participation by others in the blessing process is merely functional and would have happened with or without their participation, and therefore there is no particular gratitude to be extended to them. When confronted by this behavior, it is all too easy to simply see that as abnormal behavior, some kind of sick psychopathy. But, from their point of view, all they are doing is putting God first and giving him the sole credit. Its simply a case of someone doing something hurtful to others(since in my opinion this practice is hurtful), but unintentionally. There is no reason to blast someon as being mentally ill because they adhere faithfully to an idea that they believe is good, but actually isnt. Instead, it would be more helpful to understand the ideas that are behind the bad behavior, and help to educate, rather than castigate.

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