Intelligent quote of the day

[W]hen I read the Bible I see it as NC-17. I don’t know of many TV shows or movies that feature rape, incest, graphic sex, murder, child sacrifice, etc… It’s like the gritty HBO shows that are “R+” rated.

I say “relish” in the flesh–that is to say “read the Bible and enjoy it!”

Here’s the sad part…Most evangelical schools promote this sort of legalism under the guise of “not stumbling people” with proh[i]bitionism and extreme forms of 20th century style [piety]. What a scary thought.

—Jake, who posted on James Thoughts and Musings about his impatience with those who cry about the unseemliness in modern entertainment today and refers to the Holy Bible where things was just as (or even more messy) in the post Charlie Pace: Flesh vs. Spirit


2 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. It was true and straight from the heart and I always appreciate those who follow that pattern. Keep up the good work,Jake.

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