Intelligent quote of the day

 “[R]eligion is like a knife because though a knife can be used to stab a man in the stomach, a knife can also be used to cut bread and feed the hungry…”

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu discussing how religion can be used for both good or evil


4 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. By the way James, Des is coming to Toronto this September, it has been over a half a decade since I seen him. I look forward to seeing him again.

  2. You heretic! What will Stan and Janice think about you posting this picture of Bishop Tutu and quoting him. I can hear the screeching right now! ROTFLMAO! He has been here locally to some churches and I have heard him speak. He certainly is a much better Christian than any Armstrongite minister ever was/is!

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