J’s Forum’s closed but not his blog

As Byker Bob first mentioned on WCG Alumni after midnight  or so (my time EST), that J’s Shadows of WCG’s forum is closed.  A lot thoughts and emotions have gone through my head, one of disappointment but I do understand the reason(s) why he did it. One of the main factors is that he is going through the stresses of new employment at his current job after dealing with the stresses of unemployment from his other job so message board definately gets last priority on the list.  The other factor is that somehow, the message board was getting non-responsive after when it was first promoted it was fully active.  I really thought this particular message board was going to overshadow Mark Tabladillo’s board. That was not meant to be. I enjoyed hearing the stories (regardless whether it was the good, the bad or the ugly) from a younger audience and those who grew up in the historic WCG or their respective splinter group.  The word fascinating is simply an understatement. Actually, I could relate to them a heck of a lot better than those who were older than I am especially those who were so-called “first generation” former WCGers who I felt just couldn’t understand my issues and concerns effectively. This is also the place where I met a few special people that I share a special bond with. Thankfully, on the message board site my personal messages are still there as well as the gallery of our pictures of ourselves, church activities, literature, etc.  Frankly, I would tell J in the words of MC Hammer, “You can’t touch this!”  As I throw this in the mix, I want to make something clear too. I am hoping for myself to at least take a month-long break from this blog and concentrate on my other blog The Way I See It Anyway which is more secular in it’s approach and deals with current affairs (need to focus on Obamamania and the Socialist Silly Hall at Toronto—my Torontonian viewers will understand what I am talking about), physically fit women whom I admire greatly and some good ol’ music videos (I love the ’80’s!).  A nice little break from all the seriousness and sometimes tension that can arise here. I  hope to see new posts from J on the blog, but I must be realistic and expect him to do this later on as of the new committments that I mentioned that he must overtake. I sincerely wish J the peace that passes all understanding, his adjustment to his new job and the stresses that he is coping with will eventually subside. Take care of yourself J (and try to have some fun in between)!


7 thoughts on “J’s Forum’s closed but not his blog

  1. It’s difficult for anyone to maintain two or more separate but related entities, and keep them all healthy. I know when I first found the Painful Truth site about seven years ago, the main activity seemed to center around the front page, the articles and features. It was a vibrant, and very exciting place to be. A person just had to check it out at least a couple times each day, so as not to miss out on the latest. Then, the PT Forum started. Some of the people who had been regular article writers began expressing their ideas on the forum, instead of in articles. The forum was great, but it kind of killed a lot of the activity on the main site.

    I enjoyed the Shadows Forum. It provided a chance to catch up with some old friends and to meet some awesome new ones. But, I think J’s primary strength is in the incredible monologues he produces for the Shadows Blog. I have seen much written material, but have never seen a better deconstruct of all things Armstrong than what J writes and posts on his blogsite on a regular basis. It keeps you on the edge of your chair! It’s that good. So, if one entity or the other had to be jetisoned due to time constraints, I’m glad that the blog survived. Actually I see much similarity between a blog and a forum anyway. Often you see the same comaraderie and cast of characters develop to support a blog as you might on a forum.

    Thanks for mentioning another place where I hang out. I’d love to continue to hear from Shadows people, and you just told them where to find me!


  2. Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew thanks Felix. I feel much relieved! Sorry if I blew a gasket there or anything. 😦

  3. Are you quite sure that J is finished?

    Go check out “The Verifiable Fruits of Armstrongism”.

    He wasn’t quite done yet, and did an amazing job.

  4. Thank you Russ for explaining the difference. As you rightly pointed out, my post said that the forum is shut down NOT the blog.

    About J’s article on THE BLOG about the “The Verifiable Fruits of Armstrongism”, what can I say? He’s a smart cookie for a writer and it was a damn good article!

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