Hey Ron…

Pentecost is over! Oh yea, I know it’s a Monday Pentecost for some but forget that trick! It is time for you to get a REAL JOB!!!  I mean it is time for you to get out of the religious business…EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!





Here is a job that you can do with pride.   Hard work never harmed anybody, except those who didn’t like lifting a finger and think the world owes them luxury and comfort.  You can save a lot of heartache, anxiety, dumb decisions and more angry people who discover that you are really a con, Ron.  Don’t just talk about no longer preaching, just do it.


5 thoughts on “Hey Ron…

  1. Ron’s like the old joke, often told by HWA: A farmer was out in his field working, and happened to look up in the sky. He sees a couple of clouds shaped like the letters P C. He takes this as a vision, a message just for him, directly from God, that he is to preach Christ! Immediately, he sells his farm, and enrolls in theology school. But, he runs into trouble with his studies. Ultimately, he’s called into the dean’s office regarding his grades. About to be dropped, he tells the dean of his “vision”. The dean laughs, and says, “But, you were a farmer, right?” “Yes!”, answers the man. “Well”, says the dean, “did you ever consider that God might have been telling you to plow corn?”


  2. The solution is simple: Followers need to stop paying for his drivel.

    Psychology Today had an article on “The Sting” three decades ago or so.

    The basic premise is that “The Sting” is based on investment: One people invest in something, they are tied to getting a “profit”. No matter that often the “profit” is payoff of the “prophet”.

    As people see “The Sting” failing, they make the assumption that they can save their investment by putting more money and other resources into it. This becomes a spiral where people invest more and more to save their commitment until the whole thing collapses on them and they realize they’ve been had.

    This is a better explanation than any of the above, and in the realm of Occam’s Razor, this is probably the best explanation.

    Beyond that, the best solution is to bail out as early as possible when it is apparent that “The Sting” isn’t going to produce the expected results and is heading toward bankruptcy.

    The real problem is that — and especially these days — people are tied to their emotions and allow the emotional content of how they feel override logic. Without objectivity unburdened by emotional baggage, people remain slaves to “The Sting” to their own detriment — while, ironically, feeling good about it, not unlike how a host often feels with a parasite hanging off of them.

    And by the way, it wasn’t Herbert Armstrong who told the P.C. joke, it was GTA. Uncle Ron can Park Cars or Program Computers for all I care.

    But then again, one has stopped expecting accuracy from people whose memories are growing imperfect from the stress of the burden of Armstrongism, which is a realm where people just make stuff up. They not just make stuff up, they expect others to accept it as doctrine.

  3. The question must be asked: Are there any jobs left for Uncle Ron to get. This past weekend, there was a job fair. There were over 100 applicants for each one of the jobs.

    Economic times are harsh. Gasoline prices are driving up food costs. One company is subsidizing employees by paying them for any gas over $2.50 per gallon because it’s cheaper to keep their employees.

    What will happen by the Feast? Will members have enough “second tithe” [there’s no such thing, of course] from their wages to pay for gasoline and air fare, not to mention having enough for hotel / motel accommodations and food [eating out at restaurants on the Sabbath, of course].

    And if it’s bad this year, what about next?

    Is this going to be the very last Feast of Tabernacles for the American Armstrongists?

    And without a place of safety in sight.

    See you next year at the Feast! Gasoline will be $8.00 per gallon. Good luck!

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