Two darn good articles from Grant


Some of you may know (or not know for that matter) Grant Spong, a former WCG pastor who now has his own internet ministry. You can relax! He is definately, positively NOOOO Armstrongite whatsoever but has like myself embraced the essentials of historic Christian faith. Actually he is involved the The Church of Christ (and may I emphasize it is NOT the cultic-Boston movement based one).  On his internet site, he has some pretty darn good common sense articles.  I just stopped by and saw two of them that caught my eye and thought they were very darn useful, albeit brief.  The first one is “Stay Away From Grey or Is That Gray?” Truly an article for believers who want to BEHAVE and THINK like ADULTS  for once in their lives or in other words, “We have been born again, but we want to GROW UP too!”  I don’t have to tell you that those believers who always want “cookie-cutter” solutions to every situation take pride in acting like children who are bullies. The article is located here at . Do you want to prevent the creation of future Armstrongites?  Yea, I thought you were interested! Go here at The article is titled,” How to Read the Bible without becoming a Wacko”.   Imagine if someone went in time and gave each a copy of this article when we were in the XCG’s? It could have saved a lot of wasted time, anxiety and heartache. Well we know the past is the past but thankfully we can do something about the future. Make sure you copy this article and show it to somebody who is confused about studying the Bible and is dabbling and/or experimeting with Armstrongism and for goodness sake make the world a different place!


6 thoughts on “Two darn good articles from Grant

  1. Good thing it’s not the Boston-based cult one. That group’s worse than the Armstrong movement! At least Armstrong didn’t have disciplers breathing down people’s necks.

  2. …and the recruiters from the Boston movement (they are called the Toronto Church of Christ in my city), they are too damn persistent, manipulative and pesty to say the least. I remember my experiences with them in college and a few occasions on the street. Run away from them as far as you can!

  3. Yeah, I’ve not encountered any here. I first encountered one of them at DePauw, but his agenda was exposed to the campus (thankfully). When I lived in Boston, I sat with one of them on a flight. She was SO condescending.

  4. Well the group at Wodonga Vic Australia are a good bunch. No they don’t get in your face but have learn’t to love one another. Yes they have had hard times but they love the lord Jesus. Looking forward to Grant Preaching again, and yes he and Jenny are very much loved. God Bless all my love Cath.

  5. We were attending a Churches of Christ church in Australia, which is more like Disciples of Christ in the USA. However, since our recent move we are now attending a little country Methodist church. Thank you for your kind words.

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