A sista’s struggle in Armstrongism


I am going to repeat what J of Shadows of WCG said, “Just read it.And then tell me that God was in Armstrongism. Tell me that this was God’s True Church. Tell me. Just read it.”

Who’s story we are talking about this time? It is a sista’s story in Armstrongism. For those who are of Caucassian persuasion culturally :), a “sista” is an African American colloqualism of “sister”. Yes, a very sad story of growing up in the historic WCG but I am damn glad that Sheena has now found peace of mind among the insanity that she had to face, though she laments that her mother is still in the WCG, though it has become an evangelical denomination, there is systematic cultism in the organization. Like myself, Sheena is a believer in Christ—but remains suspicious of the organized church (and there are intelligent reasons for being suspicious, anyone who thinks this is a form rebellion, you need your heart and head examined). I guess I am going to tell the world again, that I agree with Mike Feazell when he said on a tape a few years ago back in the ’90’s when the WCG shifted to evangelicalism that it was tough to be black and a woman in the historic WCG. No argument here. Sheena’s story is a firm, unarguable confirmation of events.

By the way I am interested in anyother stories if anyone is of African-American, African-Canadian and Afro-Carribean background who had to tolerate the racial nonsense in the historic WCG. If you attend Ambassador College in the 60’s through the ’80’s, the story should be a tad more exciting!  Your stories truly have a home here.

Sheena’s story is on the ESN site here.


9 thoughts on “A sista’s struggle in Armstrongism

  1. Lately, our pastor has become rather concerned for my past and mentioned his concern about it.

    All my life, I have lived under the thumb of narcissists and psychopaths. I’ve worked for them. At one point, I worked under a manager who had schizoeffective disorder, smoked [in his office and blew smoke in my face, even though smoking was prohibited in the government building where we worked], an alcoholic and he also stalked a woman who was the wife of a deputy sheriff. I also went head to head with an Australian cult leader in the church of gods who worships Satan and tacitly leads his followers into following the Devil.

    Life certainly is not perfect.

    People fail.

    Yet in the failures there is redemption.

    Nevertheless, for every epiphany, there are trials and sacrifices. We are on a journey of discovery to move away from the distorted perceptions of the opinions raised to doctrines.

    I think the lesson is twofold:

    1) We must acknowledge our own failures and learn from them, never allowing ourselves the luxury of excusing ourselves about “how bad we had it”. Once we learn what is going on, we have to make course corrections, take responsibility and not excuse our sins because of the sins of others. Each person will stand on their own before God.

    2) God is merciful and will lead us to redemption if we are called according to His purpose. Just because someone abuses us in the Name of God does not mean that He is responsible for the abuse. We need to distinguish between God’s righteousness and the loathsome practices of self-righteous pharisaical narcissistic religious psychopaths which litter the countryside, forming a new church for every new set of distorted perception opinions raised to the doctrine to promote their own style of selfish abuse.

    Being led to redemption is always painful, but the end result is the peace of righteousness for those who have the patience and faith to continue to the end of the experience.

    As for the end of one experience, I am hereby announcing the cessation of the Church Corporate Website. I have better uses for my time and resources. In particular, I doing a project for the local Jail Chaplain and it will take considerable time and effort — my own time and effort. I don’t have much use for the Church Corporate Website, and, Felix, even though I appreciate the reference to it, I suspect that hardly anyone reads or looks at it and it is a total waste of time.

    Judging from certain other blog comments, I suspect that people’s conscience is being seared with a hot iron. Many no longer can discern right from wrong, and, instead of being appalled by it, protest their own innocence while engaging in excusing themselves for some of the most depraved indifference ever. The Devil made me do it is no longer an acceptable reason for abusing others. It is high time to separate from those who do so.

    Felix, thankfully, you’ve managed, for the most part, to steer clear of the pitfalls of the whiny and present a more balanced view of things. It’s nice to have had an association with you and it isn’t as if I haven’t learned from your presentations.

    I hope you keep up the good work.

    And I hope others will be transformed as they see the experiences of real people who, like the Israelites of old, escape from slavery through the Power of God, to follow God and not commit idolatry worshiping every Nimrod that comes along.

  2. I read an article in the Journal way back. It was an essay from a Jamaican lady who won the essay contest. Basically, she was defending church hierarchy, Armstrong style.

  3. What an awesome story! Thank-you very much for sharing this, Felix. I generally don’t visit ESN, so you do us all a great service by excerpting from them occasionally.

    One of the experiences that I believe ended up being a very positive by-product of growing up in WCG, is that I learned what it is like to be in the minority. In many cases, it was not very pleasant. Of course, we were a religious minority, but there were most definitely some poignant lessons, which led me to empathize with others who share in the struggle with somehow being outside of, or even excluded from the mainstream. My siblings and I were often mocked and excluded simply because of our religious beliefs.

    It would be very enrichening if we had more testimony from the entire rainbow of people who shared in the WCG experience. I hope that this is an emerging trend on our blogs and forums.


  4. Byker, that’s something I can agree with wholeheartedly.

    “The truth will set you free”. Hopefully the truth of what happened, as people set brick after brick up, will eventually crush Armstrongism.

  5. ((It would be very enrichening if we had more testimony from the entire rainbow of people who shared in the WCG experience. I hope that this is an emerging trend on our blogs and forums.


    Fair enough and well said.

  6. Sheena’ story in the WWCG is sad but being a sista single mother is her own fault. I can’t stand people who blame WWCG for their ills in life…did the WWCG tell Sheena to sleep around? No

    It’s Sheena fault why she is a single mom of two.

    1. With all due respect,I think you are just angry at those who do not submit to the tyranny of niceness when it comes to describing their own true experiences in the WCG. When they make mistakes (like the rest of us), it seems you take a pefect opportunity to revel in your righteousness condemning their mistakes, concluding that they were evading personally responsibility and the WCG wasn’t really that bad after all, it taught good moral standards! If they were psychology damaged, they can go to hell! They can snap out of it! With a wicked religion like the historic WCG, it made people who CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT! Oh, by the way, just because she is a single mother doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for her. I am more than certain she has and is taking personal responsibility for actions by providing in everyway possible for her kids and yes, her kids CAN grow up to be responsible citizens. Single motherhood is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be some kind of special “curse” as those who self-righteously proclaim “family values” would put it!

  7. Ftlovebug,

    I think your responce speaks of your immaturity. DId I condemn the young woman..NO
    Did I preach self righteous?…umm NO.

    The things you speak of in your response I did not elaborate. Sheena should of taken personal responsibility (if she did not) to use contraceptive measures.

    1. Whatever “People Please” with the e-mail fuckoff@yahoo.com (and you’re calling me immature)! You are nothing but a troll and I will treat you as such! Oh by the way learn how to spell “response” correctly! It doesn’t take an Einsten of what you wrote. Your mind games will not work with me and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

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