Nancy Grace takes on splinter leader—hurrah!!!


Thanks to Rogers Cable up here in Toronto, Canada—they took away CNN’s Headline News from my basic cable line up and have to pay extra to get it back. Thus, making me miss Nancy Grace and Glen Beck—two people who make sense in a sea of emotional, touchy-feely leftist nonsense which pervades North American media tody.  Nancy Grace offends some people but does not offend me one bit—because she hates scum. Those offended would prefer her to simply forgive and forget the most heinous criminals. In actual fact they prefer her to excuse and deny the evil of these people and to let it go.  I have believed (and still do) that there can be no forgiveness (without repentence) but my pastor would scream at me for that belief. Let him scream. I am not the only one who believes that. A lot Jewish and Christian thinkers are in alignment with me on this one. I never was comfortable with easy and automatic forgivism in the first place. It is a form of pure evil and wickedness to begin with and it seems Armstrongism seems to thrive on that perverse philosophy when they compel members and ex-members to stop “whinning” about the atrocious behaviour they place(d) on their congregants and scream at their opponents just to roll over and play dead or sit there and be pretty.  Purely wicked!

Tomorrow on Tuesday on CNN Headline News, Nancy takes on a splinter leader called Yisrael Hawkins of the House of Yahweh—which is one of the most extremist, bizzare, eccentric ultra-conservative splinters imaginable. Yes, it is safe to say that this leader is embroiled in some kind of controversy and it is my hope that Nancy exposes the controversy and this man’s motives as she bravely and boldly confronts confronts him as she did other controversial people before this man.

Go get ’em Nancy!!!

Those who plan to watch the program tomorrow, please tell me what you thought about it.

Here website is at

Special thanks to Pasedena Guy10 of WCG Alumni who brought this up!


5 thoughts on “Nancy Grace takes on splinter leader—hurrah!!!

  1. Hawkins DISGUSTING display on Nancy Grace exhibited EVERYTHING that is wrong with every single ministurds in the 500+ harlot daughters of WCG.

    He was a smug, self-righteous prick pretending to be taking a stand against the attack by Satan because he alone is preaching the truth.

    He had plenty of non-answers to Nancy Grace’s questions. He never told the truth at any time.

    She nailed him on all kinds of points, from having multiple wives who he refused to name out loud (but Nancy did, she had their names), to the child abuse, the child slavery, the triple tithes, the welfare fraud, and numerous other things.

    His pat answer was that he had been advised not to talk about those things, but WOULD in the future once he got things ironed out.

    He lied the same way Herbvert, Rader, Helge, Meredith, and Flurry lied under oath when they were all on the hot seat.

    There is not one single thing about Armstrongism that is of importance to the world or is worthwhile. Because none of the 500+ splinter cults of Herbvertism know Jesus; they have nothing of relevance to say to humanity.

    1. Never said they’re wonderful. Just glad somebody’s standing up to a bully! Trust me I hate bullies! Now take your bullying attitude elsewhere Jack!

  2. Lol, I cannot imagine the looks on some of the so called Christians, if Yisrael Hawkins turns out to be the real deal. I have no idea about his personal life, since I only learned of him a couple weeks ago. What I would really like to see is Nancy Grace interview and demand answers of the person who made this statement; “In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children.” Btw, I realize this is an older post, nevertheless I felt ‘compelled’ to comment.

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