Welcome to the State (or Province) of Armstrongland


Editor’s note: I have originally tried to get a discussion of a topic (imagining an American state or a Canadian province of where the XCG’s resided). The topic didn’t do so well on one message board but it did a little better on another. Many respondents had very good points to be made and I am going to share them in a series of posts here.  What was the basis of  forming this project? The basis was from a book I read called Central Liberal Truth by Lawrence E. Harrison. In it discussed that the prosperous and progressive societies had these religions backing them up: Protestant Christianity, Confucianism, Judaism (and with the possibility of Hinduism) and the more poorer and ultra-traditionalist societies had these religions backing them up would be Catholcism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Buddhism and Islam. Check out reviews at amazon.com at
http://www.amazon.com/Central-Liberal-Truth-Politics-Culture/dp/0195300416 or at Buzzle.com at http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/5-23-2006-97043.asp.http://www.amazon.com/Central-Liberal-Truth-Politics-Culture/dp/0195300416 or at Buzzle.com at http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/5-23-2006-97043.asp.

Though there some similiarities between Armstrongism and Protestantism, I never considered the XCG’s fully Protestant because they reject the essentials of historic Christian faith and have long argued that they are a cult.  For a moment to imagine (yes it’s a probably a perverse imagination too): If the XCG’s were to have a seperate state in the U.S. or a province of Canada.  For starters, I do not think it would be the best thing in North America. First of all, I believe that Armstrongism is against technology because of it’s reactionary nature. You would have the highest number of welfare cases loads, high unemployment.  I would even argue that it would be a state or province with high domestic violence rates. Armstrongists would never be cops or even participate in fire prevention because of their fanatical strict Sabbatarianism (Ox in the ditch? Fergedaboutit!). They would be relying from others out of state (or out of province) to fill in. Talk about literally sitting on your butt and not lifting a finger—pure laziness at it’s worst (but that was Armstrongism anyway! Don’t take things in your own hands God will sort it out). I think Lou Dobbs would be willing to give illegal immigrants amnesty before he would tolerate a state (or province) full of XCGers. So would I. This XCG state or province would be pushing the limits to an actual theocracy and trust me I would hope any reasonable U.S. President or Canadian Prime Minister to see that jurisdiction severely crushed. These are my observations about an American state or a Canadian province populated by Armstrongists. Therefore it is my firm belief and assessment that Armstrongism is a completely backward religion that cannot accept nor handle the modern world. Period. All more the reason to condemn it at every turn.

In the next coming days, I will be posting this series as others have given their very apt and insightful assessments on a frightening thought such as this. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the State (or Province) of Armstrongland

  1. The answer to this hum drum conundrum is… it depends. Just which Armstrongism are we talking about? The one administered by Herbert Armstrong or the one… uh… created… by the xCGs? It makes a huge difference.

    The Armstrongism of Herbert Armstrong would produce a highly polished political entity which looks good — very good — from the outside: The very picture of the triumph of image over substance. There would be silver, gold, crystal, fine paintings from old masters, Ming vases and so forth amidst rare rosewood carvings and other such useless trappings devoid of any real spiritual meaning. In the background there would be fierce political infighting by those struggling for ascendancy. There would be gross corruption as well: Men screwing their secretaries while their wives waited at home barefoot and pregnant. The teens would be in organizations that look a lot like Hitler’s Youth: HYOU, standing for Herbert’s Youth Organized United. The fatherless and widow would be ignored, in favor of buying more jet fuel for photo ops and “Ambassador” trips to foreign lands to meet with top leaders for lunch.

    On the other hand, if we’re talking about the Armstrongism of the xCGs, it is a very different picture: A state divided against itself in chaos, totally dysfunctional, all looking to the former glories, not unlike the Russians looking backward to the old Soviet Union. Each fiefdom would be its own gulag, entrapping its residents in abject slavery for the servitude of the good of the state. The best of these despotic states would be United, where there would be much more liberality and possibly prosperity, but there would be no justice or judgment. Heaven help the people who were being fondled or stalked by the administrators: They would have no advocate and would have no choice but to flee to an non-Armstrongist state — not unlike those today who flee Armstrongism in favor of something marginally more sane.

    Suffice it to say that no matter which Armstrongism state we talk about it would be Draconian and run by selfish narcissistic fools, making it a dysfunctional venue filled with incompetents not at all concerned about the rank and file folks not part of the elite royalty, oppressed and drained mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and economically to provide the narcissistic source for petty small-minded selfish despots filled with themselves.

  2. …Douglas because of this, Armstrongism ia a failed philosophy unable and unwilling to cope and deal with modernity and progress.

  3. Felix,

    As my wife pointed out, all the ministers only know what they have been taught. They cannot break out of that thinking, no matter how many times they change their minds. True repentance from both dead works and dead philosophies can never happen.

    For that reason, it is clear that none of them can be trusted ever again. They were taught by a false prophet and are permanently tainted, perverted, twisted and chained to distorted perceptions.

    Unfortunately, they never give up and admit to failure or acknowledge that they haven’t figured out life, the Universe and… everything, and never will — let alone be able to teach anyone else anything of any worth.

    It’s all opinions, and not very well informed ones at that.

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