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An old friend recently replied to me, “Long time, no write!” So true.  It has been about a week and a half ago that I posted anything here though I was glad that Byker Bob’s Intelligent Quote of The Day became the most commented (14) on my blog ever. Even if you don’t agree with everything he says, he always says something that is qute interesting and worth thinking about. You may have heard that Gavin Rumney has a sister blog called Otagosh, which talks about theology and theological issues which are not necessarily of an XCG nature. Gavin, I myself run two blogs: this one of course and my current affairs blog “The Way I See It Anyway” which I need to write something there and soon.  I know it can be a lot of work having two blogs but I will say to Gavin, “It is STILL worth it!” Speaking about blogs, a man by the name of Rick Ross who is a well-known cult expert has a blog called “Cult News From Rick Ross”. The most recent post is about Oprah Winfrey’s involvement in the  New Age movement. Her involvement is nothing new, I have watched her show for years and her theology is of that mode. I remember at first she didn’t like being called New Age but I think she has finally accepted the term. Rick Ross believes her further involvement in this movement by promoting books like The Secret (which I conclude is GOOD psychology—very BAD theology) and Eckert Tolle and his new book A New Earth has very serious ramifications which can no longer be ignored or take a casual glance. Rick Ross dares to subscribe a thought of an “Oprah Winfrey Cult” and rightfully warns “don’t drink the cool-aid.” I will add, is if anyone is pushing Winfreyism down your throat, run away from that person as far as you can.

Here’s Gavin’s sister blog at:

Rick Ross’ blog is at:


5 thoughts on “Two more blogs

  1. As a student of Eckhart Tolle I’ll have to say that Ross’s article is shallow, petty and ill-informed on just what Tolle teaches. If you are going to make fun of Tolle for coming to some conclusions about how life works because he suffered a depression , then you will also have to poke fun of the Apostle Paul for seeing bright lights and hearing voices that no one else with him heard as he came to Jesus.

    Ross’s idea of what a painbody is no way matches the reality of what Tolle teaches. The painbody is the accumulated baggage that all humans have based on the hurts, pains and disappointments of life and to which we often return in ways that are not helpful in our present lives. The painbody is alive and well in blogs and on AW a people process or just relate their anger over their WCG experience. It’s not an entity as in Scientology. That is nuts.

    Sometimes “cult watchers” cant’ tell the difference between threatening ideas and common sense information as to how the human mind works and why we spend endless time in the past being angry or the future being anxious when all we have is the present. Seems Jesus taught something about that too.

  2. Thanks as always Dennis for giving the other side of the perspective. As with Rick Ross, I too do not care for his rants against Messianic Judaism and the Hebraic roots movement in Christianity. I feel that his assesments on these movements are also petty, shallow and misinformed. I am not blinded to the fact that there are cultic and unbiblical efforts in MJ and HR but to paint it as one brush is simply too rash and reaks of a certain bias (one cannot be a Jew and a Christian—I am NOT going to into that debate on this particular post—maybe another one but not this one).

  3. From my perspective, Rick Ross is a plain phony: I told him about an extreme cult for which I had plenty of evidence. His response was to tell me to join his forum. I did. I posted the information. And was resoundingly ignored.

    My opinion: Rick Ross himself is an anti cult cult.

  4. I have read Tolle’s book and also Maryanne Williamson’s “A Return to Love/Reflections on a Course in Miracles” which has a daily excerpt on Oprah’s talk radio.
    What frightens me about Oprah is her FOLLOWING! She has millions of people, and especially women, who grab onto every word she says, or book she suggests without a critical thought.
    (In my defense, I just wanted to see what all the hoo-hah was about)
    It is her following (o.k., “cult” may be a bit strong, but not in my opinion) that should be a red flag.
    Typical, mix a bit of good in. Philanthropy, good health, caring for our fellow man. GREAT STUFF…ABSOLUTELY! It’s the enlightenment issues that are scary. These books definitely, in my opinion, express that we are evolving creatures and that we are on the verge of enlightenment, like Jesus, Buddha, etc.
    So, I say, RED FLAG her! Be very careful and practice your critical thinking skills. I also agree that calling her more of a “televangelist” is quite appropriate.

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