Even Ron Weinland has caught the attention of Linda Leatherdale!


To those who don’t live in the Greater Toronto area in Canada, Linda Leatherdale is the financial columnist of the Toronto Sun newspaper.  She had an article in Sunday’s edition of the paper  called Economic Armaggedon discussing those who have devastating predicitons for the western-based economy.  XCG splinter leader Ron Weinland was no exception. Here’s an excerpt:

Believers in a higher power call this Armageddon and the last war man will fight. One such guru, Ronald We

Many, I’m sure, will label Weinland a religious whacko with his predictions of natural disasters that’ll make Hurricane Katrina look like a spring shower; severe weather patterns leading to famine and food shortages; plagues that will kill man, beast and bird; more terrorist attacks and the collapse of the world’s economic superpower. All of this, he predicts, leads to World War III and a deadly battle between the now powerful Europe’s economic union and China and its allies.

inland, in his book 2008: God’s Final Word, warns of the demise of the United States — where the first blow was struck with 9-11 and now a subprime mortgage bloodbath is shattering the pillars of capitalism with a tidal wave devastating economies around the globe.


In the end, “Every economy will be decimated,” he writes. Even Canada’s.

And in just three and half years, 6 billion people will die. Yikes.

Thank God that Linda does understand Ronald Weinland as a religious whacko but at the same time he is no fool and I will again plug in Aggie’s project Weinland Watch at http://weinlandwatch.wordpress.com/. According to Aggie (and I think I have good reason to believe her) Ronald Weinland may be a wacko but he is very dangerous. Possibly dangerous in the Jim Jones sense! Linda, if you are reading this take note and read Aggie’s blog and be afraid of this man, not because of his false prophecies—but be very afraid in what he may do his followers.

 To read the rest of Linda’s article go to http://money.canoe.ca/Columnists/Leatherdale/2008/02/24/4874745-sun.html.


7 thoughts on “Even Ron Weinland has caught the attention of Linda Leatherdale!

  1. There were those who tried to stop Jim Jones from his insane act and failed. Will it be Ronny or Gerald that slaughter the flock first? Under the guise of freedom of religion all insanity is possible. Especially murder/suicide. When a unstable mind feels threatened all bets are off. Time is that threat, and time grows short before the pseudo prophet has to act. Be very afraid if you embrace their lies. The life you sacrifice could be your child’s, and if it matters to you at this time, your life may be needlessly ended. All for the delusions of a sick self proclaimed sick religious guru.

  2. At least we don’t have to worry about Clever Gerry until 2009. Rotten Ronnie predicts the seventh seal will be opened on April 17th.

    I watched Purple Haze on the History Channel last night. It was most edifying. 😦

  3. Just caught this passing through. Apparently “the first trump” sounds on April 17th (hey seven seals seven thunders seven trumpets anyone’s bound to get confused), the seventh seal is actually supposed to open on March 18th. Ten days and counting. Followers previously have been saying the seventh seal will be an event of “spiritual” importance, i.e., members are going to try and proselytize family members who exited WCG or who are still in one of the splinters, back into Weinland’s sect.

    Now they’re urging everyone to “read the book” (Weinland’s), and what the book has to say about “the seventh seal” isn’t very “spiritual” at all.

  4. Even if climate change, combined with the other gathering effects of human population do result in disaster, economic ruin and nuclear war, it won’t be due to any god. It will be a consequence of stupidity and fear.

  5. I feel really sad when I see christian people fighting each other over preachers’ (who is teaching right). No one is perfect only God. The Holy Spirit of truth will guide all who believe and have a sure foundation in the word. In the gospels the apostles asked this question to Jesus………… It is not in the preacher we trust we trust God ….we can test the spirit … it is believing in Jesus and doing his will and work even John the baptist ( a very humble man) says “prepare ye the way of the Lord make his path straight.” Who is preparing to do that ??……………………..

    1. Actually, to msake it more complicated the Bible actually teaches we are to obey our leaders. If you can;t do that find another one, but the Bible is clear that only God judges those leaders, not the people.

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