Intelligent quote of the day


“You will never be condemned to hell because you didn’t have a chance, you will condemn yourself to hell because you reject Jesus.”

—Tony Campolo on the issue of hell on the Christianity Today website.


4 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. I don’t know. That kind of confrontational either/or comment, while typical, is offputting . That’s the theological opinion of a Fundamentalist/Literalist. It’s not an intelligent quote that produces the “aha” of being correct.

    The more homework one does on the rancourous origins of who and what Jesus was, said, did or meant, the more one can’t be blamed for doubting what others say is how it all is.

    I don’t find this an intelligent quote. It’s an opinion and , of course, a threat to get on board someones ship or else.

  2. Though I disagree with some of Campolo’s stances, I think he’s one of the best and brightest in the evangelical movement. He was charged of being heretic but was proven otherwise. He makes “fundagelicals” collective asses sweat and for this, I have a lot of respect for him. As one who believes in the Christian essentials, I think this is the best Tony Campolo can come up with challenging the alternative which consigns everyone (except a tiny few) to hell.

  3. Yeah, Campolo usually is pretty confrontational, especially when he speaks. He likes to yell. And if you’re not contributing to such and such a cause, he says you’re not a real Christian (I heard him say this when he spoke at Harvard).

    As far as this quote goes, I think it has a verse that confirms it, and a verse that undermines it. Jesus says in John that, if he hadn’t done miracles, the Jews would not have been guilty of sin (I can dig that verse up if you want me to). That seems to indicate that people are responsible when they have greater knowledge. At the same time, Romans 1 says that people are under God’s wrath and are accountable, which is why God sent Jesus to die in the first place.

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