Intelligent quote of the day


“Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst.”

 —Christian author and professor C.S.Lewis (1898-1963)


4 thoughts on “Intelligent quote of the day

  1. There’s nothing like an encounter with a religious psychopath to totally wreck your day, particularly if he is a leader of a cult, and worst of all, if he’s the leader of your cult.

  2. Yes! Lewis is excellent. Read “The Screwtape Letters” Felix?

    No matter which end of the belief spectrum you fall on, that book will make you think. And laugh. Hysterically. While learning something, about yourself, Lewis, and the mores of the day when the book was written.

  3. I actually BOUGHT the book at a Christian bookstore several years ago, never got around to reading it from front to back. I also got Mere Christianity which I have read but also need to finish the read. Clive Staples was quite a character, I wish there someone of his likes today. I am also looking forward to the second of instalment of the Narnia Chronicles this May.

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