Intelligent quote of the day

image008.jpg  Instead of having respect and, dare I say it, compassion and empathy for those of us who laboured so very long, with the very best of intentions, under the legalistic system we were born into, CRI and Hanegraaf and his cronies descended on Worldwide the same way the Europeans descended on the Americas, a few hundred years ago. They took one look at the indigenous belief system that existed there, and threw the baby out with the bathwater, in their zeal to be “missionaries” to us poor lost souls, and to convert us completely to their own system of religion.

The evangelicals did exactly the same thing, to us. They took one look at our (pagan to them) traditions, and instead of saying “Okay, we understand you’ve never known anything else but this religion, but we would like you to consider some alternatives now,” they did exactly the same thing the Catholic and Anglican churches did with the residential schools here in Canada. They stormed in, threw out all of our literature and oral histories, prevented us from singing the songs we had grown up with, stopped us from speaking the only (spiritual) language we had ever understood, and tried to inject their own systems of control and religious dominance into our minds by sheer brute force.

Is it any wonder so many of us have a bad taste in our mouths for religion now??

 Aggie, a poster on J’s Shadows of WCG message board recalling how the WCG and to some extent CRI (Christian Research Institute) could used a lot more finese in transitioning the denomination but didn’t, which proved costly than more ways than one.


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