Intelligent quote of the day

This is a widespread mentality. People don’t vote because they think they can’t make a difference. They don’t get involved because they think nothing can get better. This is true of even non-religious people. In fundamentalist religions, the mentality is even worse, exaggerated. Such people fail to look at the fact that despite the huge problems we are facing today, humans have historically improved society; we are better off today than we were 100 years ago (although we are also facing more complicated problems in some areas, such as the threat of nuclear war.)

However, I do want to point out that it is unfair to lump all Christians together as wasteful, apathetic pessimists (spelling?). I will be the first to point out the evils of Christian fundamentalism (and other forms of fundamentalism: homophobia, tyranny, intolerance, hatred, sexism, etc.), yet some Christian traditions have a tradition of helping the poor, doing good for the community, charity, etc.

I am not trying to downplay the destructive force that fundamentalist Christianity is in this society; it has more political force and power than more liberal forms of Christianity, which makes it more dangerous and influential. But just as I can’t call every Muslim a terrorist, I can’t call every Christian an immoral fundamentalist or extremist.

—A poster with the pseudonym Stubborn Envelope from the Ex-Pentecostals Forum discussing that non-religious (as well as religious) people are just as equally  guilty of laziness and apathy in our society today


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