New blogsite from Aggie


My friend who I met from J’s Shadows of WCG message board has a new blog aptly named Purplehymnal’s Weblog. Basically it’s discussing the Worldwide experience through the songs of that purlpe hymn book that us former Worldwiders are familiar with. Give it a look at


5 thoughts on “New blogsite from Aggie

  1. Thanks for the link Felix! 🙂

    I have found making the site to be very helpful for myself, in that by getting out exactly what I used to believe, I am able to come to an understanding of exactly why I don’t believe it, anymore. Also (I hope) it seems to be purging it out of my system, for once and for all.

    Additionally, if visitors here are loath to check out the site because the last thing they want to do is relive that old purple hymnal, if nothing else, please visit the “The Heavens God’s Glory Do Declare” entry — did you know we were sun-worshippers??

  2. COG’s couldn’t possibly be sun-worshippers. They oppose Easter sunrise services with a passion!

    Sadly, I’m not sure many people in COG’s want to be known as Son worshippers, either — as in the “Son of righteousness with healing in his wings,” which to me is more what Mal. 4:2 means.

    It’s Father-first in the COG’s, you know — government, government, government.

  3. Hello Richard, thank you for your comment – check out the following link, and tell me we weren’t sun-worshippers – we just didn’t know it!

    The Heavens God’s Glory Do Declare

    The relevant verse is the second one:

    The heavens a test for the sun He made,
    Which comes forth like a bridegroom;
    Leaving his chamber, glowing bright,
    To run his course with joy.
    From heaven’s end its rising is,
    its circuit to its ends;
    And there is nothing from its heat,
    no nothing is hidden thereof.

    Of course, in the context of the hymn, we were “worshipping” the sun that was created by the Old Testament god (and this hymn was meant to be more about Intelligent Design anyway), but I found it amazing that no one (including myself), in all the years we sang this song, saw the obvious “pagan” references it contained.

    Especially ironic, given how very blatantly “anti-pagan” the old-style Worldwide actually was.

    While it’s not surprising that there are sun/moon references in a christian belief system (christology was based entirely around the Egyptian mystery schools’ teachings of the sun/moon god Horus–his birth/death/rebirth cycle is what is worshipped today, by mainstream “Christianity”), what was surprising, to me at least, was the confluence of paganistic references and old testament law-keeping in this rather popular hymn. I think Worldwide broke some kind of record, with that one!



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