The “third way” again!


Those who like “either/or options” HATE a third way. In their dualistic mentality, they need to be on a side, defending it vigourously and passionately and fight vociferously those on the opposing side.  You bring a third option, it shatters their world upside down. On Robin Sampson’s blog, Heart of Wisdom—we have another champion for a “third way” when it comes to Christmas and Christmas celebrations. Read what she has to say here.

bruxy2.jpg Now something different but on the topic of  a “third way”.  This is the issue about homosexuality. If you are Canadian and familiar with Bruxy Cavey and his new kind of church “The Meeting House” (one of his churches is in a “movie theatre” every Sundays at The Yorkdale Center in Toronto in which I’ve attended many times)—he has some interesting things to say. I think he’s probably on the same wavelength as I am  on the topic which is I believe that the homosexual orientation is not sin but I believe of what scripture indicates is that the practice of that orientation is not God’s best (and is sin). What a way to draw fire from both sides pro and con! Here is some of what Bruxy had to say on the ListenUp website:

Traditionally, churches fall into one of two categories:

Conservative churches condemn homosexuality and homosexuals. They invest large amounts of energy into fighting against any perceived queer community agenda. They organize rallies, sign petitions, and keep a sharp eye out for any activity within the queer community that they might perceive as anti-family.

Liberal churches react against this love-less approach by embracing members of the queer community with no distinction and no challenge toward change. These queer-friendly churches agree with, approve of, and support homosexual orientation and practice.

As a “third way” church, we at The Meeting House want to ask the question, is it possible to disagree with people and still respect and even embrace them? I believe this is possible, and the key is to ask Bible-embracing Christians to use Jesus as their model of how to interpret and live out these teachings. When Christians follow Jesus rather than use the Bible to prop up their own conservative agendas, everything changes.

We consider The Meeting House a queer-positive church. We do not preach that people must change their sexual orientation in order to follow Jesus. Instead, we invite all people to change their spiritual orientation, toward God and their fellow human beings.

For Bruxy’s entire comments log on here.

5 thoughts on “The “third way” again!

  1. Just at what point was it determined that it is absolutely necessary for every person to have sex no matter the orientation and no matter what the cost? Marriage is fine.

    Has anyone ever seriously considered celibacy? Why must sex be such an entitlement? There are lots of other things to do, either with or without other people. So far as I know, fornication is still considered sin no matter who does it.

    Else one could marry and take on the enormous burden of responsibility of family for which they will be accountable for better or worse for a lifetime and beyond.

    But then, for all the churches, maybe, just maybe, it’s a matter of money and who will be willing to pay for what philosophy a particular religion holds and nothing more.

  2. You uh, really don’t like Bruxy,do you??? You need to listen to his teaching sermons (I have the link up to The Meeting House on this blog you know)—he’s really neat you know!

  3. Since sexual arrousal is first caused my mind stimulation which manifests itself in physical expessions, it would seem that sexual orientation would be better determined by the mind rather than what the body appears to be on the outside. Hence, the sex of a person has more to do with what their mind is wired for, not their physical appearance. Its seems primitive and cruel to continue to banish, discount, and insight hatred upon these people. Would it not be evil to hate someone because that are white, black, asian,disabled, or not in line of our perception of normal.

  4. Here’s a forth way on homosexuality. There is no such thing as homosexual! It is a false category of human. One may say, though, “I am a homosexual.” and my response would be, “No, you are just like me… human – a species which reproduces heterosexually.” You may have particular preferences and tastes that are different from mine and may choose to manifest or act on your preferences in different ways than me but that does not separate you from me in our nature as human. There is no sub-category of human called homosexual and another called heterosexual – we are all the same. The only legitimate division among the species is male and female. One cannot create an additional category within a species based on individual behavioral predilections and preferences. We do not need anymore ways of separating from one another.

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