While you’re at it…


Read also Darren Carrey of Catholic Comment’s piece answering the anti-Christmas critics atheist and Armstrongite alike in his article, “Christmas Really Does Honor Christ” . Though I’m on Dr.Pryor’s spectrum on the issue, I think Darren in his splendid writing skills (as usual) does an excellent job himself explaining that it is okay and appropriate to celebrate the first coming of Our Lord.


2 thoughts on “While you’re at it…

  1. Why do you have to use theology to approve of Christmas? If you want to observe it just go ahead and do it! Just stop criticising those people who don’t keep it as odd balls in this society when at one time they were the norm!

    And anyway we can use the Bible to approve of anything so writing an article approving of Christmas is neither here nor there because we can just as easily write an argument against it!

    History is on the side of people who don’t observe the day as even the Puritans in England banned the celebration.

    It is culture that changed the celebration into a Christian custom not the church.
    The ordinary folk in the pews wanted to keep the day despite the many churches preaching against it! The tide had turned (much like it did in Africa against colonialism) which had turned a day nobody had celebrated into a day everybody does.

  2. Good to see you on board Robert!!! I hope you saw that I put one of your quotes in my “Intelligent Quote of the Day” section!

    ((Why do you have to use theology to approve of Christmas?))

    I like to know what you mean by that? On the other hand, many people use theology to prove the nature of God, the deity of Christ, the role of grace, the role of Atonement. Yes, Christmas deals with the Incarnation in which God (the Son) becomes fully human. It is inescapably a theological issue despite who anyone puts it.

    ((If you want to observe it just go ahead and do it!))

    Before you leap to any dramatic conclusions, I think you need to know some facts on where I am. For starters: You will not see a Christmas tree nor other Christmas paraphenelia in my home. On the hand—Yes, I do go to Christmas parties at work and at church. I have sang Christmas hymns (and the church I am at has services on Saturday) Yes, I have (and hope to do again weather permitting) visit my dad and stepmom on Christmas. I hate the commercialism and the pagan influences bequeathed on this holiday. So in other words, I am third way on this issue as opposed to being a person who unilaterally pushes every and any aspect of Christmas on every body. I think you need to see my other post below called a “Darn Good Article” and link up Dr.Pryor’s article, I think you will get a better picture of where I stand.

    (( Just stop criticising those people who don’t keep it as odd balls in this society when at one time they were the norm!))

    I don’t believe I have done that. My gripe is with the splinters of Armstrongism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other fringe fundamentalists who attack genuine Christians who celebrate the holiday by labelling them “deceived, false pagan Christians”. There is simply NO way I can ignore this. This may be strong but I will say that those kind of unnecessary attacks is simply an attack on the Body of Christ/Yeshua. As you being a Messianic Believer (a Torah observant one), I have nothing but respect and a strong admiration for your faith. Yes, I am well aware that there have been through the ages (especially the Puritans) who were opposed to Christmas celebration. May also refer you to another post I had at https://lifeafterwcg2.wordpress.com/2007/10/19/arm-yourselves-for-the-anti-christmas-spirit/. This solidifies that it is not my intention to stigmatize those who sincerely do not keep the Christmas holiday but rather criticize those who demand submission to their world view by calling the members opposite “pagans”, “deceived” or anyother unflattering titles.

    I hope to hear from you again and I hope I clarified a lot of misunderstandings. Please comment and comment often! God bless!

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