Site on Theistic Evolution


I guess I was always a theistic evolutionist from a very young age. On a YOU (Youth Opportunities United) outdoor activity approximately at age 16,  I could remember telling my then pastor, “If evolution really began, there had to be a force behind it.” My pastor had to mention that statement at a Bible Study and of course had to add in his two cents jokingly and satirically something along the lines of me “not being entirely with the program”. Thank God I had a brain at 16. More seriously, John Halford in the 1990’s during the dramatic changes occuring in Worldwide had released a video called Creation or Evolution? Religion and Science: Bridging the Gap. Though I do remember one person who was (and still is) a member of Worldwide (a bit of a Joe Jr. fundagelical, with apologies to Gavin) was displeasured with the video and felt John Halford needed to be more strident against evolution. My response was (and still is) the video was in no way to promote creationist thought over evolutionist thought. It was laying out possibilities and offering you the viewer  to think outside the box. And for an organization for many years that bullied its members to think only one way, this is a marked improvement of trying to tell it’s constituents to be open. Oh, by the way Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Mainline Protestants have had no hangup with the concept of Theistic Evolution. Most evangelicals (with some notable exceptions) and all fundamentalists (who are beyond hope anyway) elect to have a problem with Theistic Evolution possibly because it is a challenge to their Augustinian-Calvinist views on man, total depravity and original sin (but this is for another topic for another time). Lo and behold there is a blog that explains the concept of Theistic Evolution and the divergent viewpoints on the creation of the universe and dispelling silly myths of fundamentalists about Theistic Evolution. The blog is called “Perspectives on Theistic Evolution” , of course. I have added this to my links section on my blog. Nicely done and it will lead to a lot of book reviews on the subject.  Check it out and enjoy at


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