A Sabbath Keeping Church of God totally without the Armstrongism!!!


“Is this another jive, Felix?!!!” No. I kid you not. Thanks to former WCG member and now Messianic Believer Robert Taylor (my spiritual brother, not my physical brother by the same name) discovered this group on the internet. This particular group, The Church of God (Jerusalem Acres) existed waaay before The Radio/Worldwide Church of God began in 1933  (they begain in 1903) and is not a direct descendant from the Church of God (Seventh Day). They are in fact a Pentecostal Holiness denomination. While I am not too much into Pentecostal-charismatic faiths and positively, firmly, definately NOT into holiness standards or movements, groups like these do sometimes tickle my fancy but more importantly I think I have the hunch that though they may be very conservative, out of it they seem like a truly and sincerely, a clean and family friendly organization—waaay far more (make that millions of miles more!) than the historic Worldwide Church of God and they really invest in their youth (in other words, truly children friendly too!). Youth programs in the historic WCG were just a mere afterthought and a way to recruit their children in the WCG—though they hotly denied that (and did well with a lot of mind controlling doubletalk). Also the Church of God (Jerusalem Acres) believe in the essentials of historic Christian faith (Trinity, deity and humanity of  Christ, his death and ressurection, grace, etc.) and celebrates the Levitical Holy Days and refuse to see no contradiction (Joe Jr., Mike, Greg are guys taking notes??? Just what I thought, their attitude is still the same, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”). Well anyway, wikipedia has some information about the group at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Church_of_God_(Jerusalem_Acres)  and here are three of their websites from congregations from the mid-western U.S., Pennsylvania and Tennesee at http://thechurchofgodntj.com/Home_Page.html, http://www.thechurchofgodntj.org/gbg/index.html and http://www.thechurchofgodntj.org/.


36 thoughts on “A Sabbath Keeping Church of God totally without the Armstrongism!!!

  1. Hi! I actually belong to The Church of God Jerusalem Acres….I’ve been a part of it my whole life (in fact the woman and little boy in the picture above is my mother Patricia and my nephew Joel). Thanks for the props you give us above! I do want to correct you on one thing- we ARE Pentecostal, but we are not “holiness”. My father-in-law is the Presiding Bishop, and we ladies wear make-up, cut our hair as we choose, and the like. Our righteousness is in Jesus Christ alone and not in our works, notr in how we dress. We do observe the Sabbath, but as you say, we do not strong-arm others to do the same…. enjoyed your comments!
    In Christ,

    1. Now I am in holiness Apostolic Pentecostal and I am so releived to know that you all do not believe that holiness does not efect you dress but how you live.So I am in need of a Apostolic Pentecostal church that keeps the sabbath. Are there in congregations that provides a ride to the services in Gary,Indiana?

      1. Hello Jerry! My name is Lynn. We have a small congregation in Gary, IN that keeps the Sabbath, the holy feast days, etc. We are NOT in any way affiliated with HW Armstrong. We are preparing a website for our group which we recently name Sabbath Sanctuary. Our email address is sabbathsanctuary@hotmail.com We would love to hear from you.

    2. Hello Sister, you are right. our righteousness is in Jesus 2 Cor 5:21, whoever believe in Jesus is already made righteous. Though we keep the ten laws, we will never be perfect in his sight without Jesus. Please lets not counts on our good works but on grace from Jesus

      1. Many give Grace as an excuse for being allowed to “err”. One must keep close to Christ to keep one from sinning.


        As for the picture, the symbolism behind is not widely known even among the present day church members.


        According to the early Vision Speaks, the star represents Kent, aka Saint John the Revelator . He stated that


        Christ was the Bright and Shin ing Star and he was the Shining Star. He would be the one who would sit on the left hand of the


        Father. It was not given to the disciples at the first coming of Christ because Kent was to be chosen.He stated that the reason

        he had so much knowledge was that “He was there” in the form of John the Beloved.  


        The candelabra was a representation of Kent as he stated that He was the candlestick through  which all knowledge was to be given


        to his Seven Men of Wisdom. No other wisdom would be given except through him.

  2. Shalom in Yeshua.

    I learned of Jerusalem Acres several weeks ago and have since been investigating its history and doctrines as best as I can from hundreds of miles away from Cleveland.

    Over the years, I have acquired quite distaste for Pentecostalism. I am Spirit-filled, but, having at times intentionally faked a gift or two to win the approval of my superiors, I am unfortunately now reluctant to manifest them even in probable authenticity.

    Nevertheless, I find Jerusalem Acres’ embrace of Judaism alluring. As it happens, I have a strong affinity for First Century Christianity and would be honored to be a part of a body that shared that sentiment.

    I am scheduled to relocate to Cleveland this autumn to pursue a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies (“emphasis on pastoral ministry,” a description reads) at nearby Lee University. At the moment, I am leaning strongly toward choosing Jerusalem Acres as my church during my stay. I will certainly intend to visit the church the first Saturday I am there, if nothing else.

    Shalom in Yeshua.

    Joshua L.

  3. Joshua, I look forward to meeting you, as I am a member of the Cleveland church, and the church secretary. Please feel free to email us at tcogjeracr@aol.com if we can help you in any way during your relocation this fall. I understand your reluctance about your Spiritual gifts, but please be assured that you will find us sincere. This is not a church where you will find people trying their hardest to have some kind of feel-good spiritual experience, acting out and trying to out-do one another. As a church body we are doing our best to walk in truth as God reveals it to us.

  4. Thanks Christine for you comments and your clarifications of what your denomination really is. Welcome aboard. May I also welcome aboard Joshua and I hope your soon affiliation with Christine’s church will be a profitable and fruitful one. To let both of you know, this post is one of the most popular one, meaning it gets the most traffic. I find it amazing that this post is becoming a networking place for people to visit CGJA. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a divine hand in this. Blessings to you both.

    1. Blessings to you, as well. I’m with you- I’m sure that God’s hand is found in this. We are a small church when compared with so many others, but it is my own personal belief that God has a work for each of us to do, and He can be found in many denominations doing His will. For instance, Billy Graham was not a Sabbath-keeper, but his ministry has reaped so many believers for Christ. Billy Graham did (and does) the work God has called HIM to do- it’s evident in the fruit! God did not call him to keep Sabbaths and Feast days (although I’m sure the Lord would have been pleased if he had!). I guess what I’m saying is that as Christians we have to always be careful– Sabbath-keeping is a blessing, to be sure, but it is not a point of salvation. Our salvation is in Christ alone. People like to get very hung-up on specific points of doctrine, but we always must remember that it is never ever our WORKS that make us righteous….we live righteously in the truth and work that the Lord has called us to BECAUSE of the WORK that His son has done in us!
      Thank you so much for this place to post- I enjoy reading your other posts, as well. Keep doing the work the Lord has called YOU to, and I am sure His hand will bless everything you do!

      1. By the way, I’m not sure if Elder Isaya Ouma Owak’s comment was to you or to The Church of God Jerusalem Acres…but if it WAS directed to us, is there any way for you to tell him that we do have a new work in Nairobi, Kenya (214 members), under the direction of our Territorial overseer Bishop Abraham Mwakibinga, who lives in Tanzania. His email is tcogtz@yahoo.com if Elder Owak would like to contact him.

  5. Me and my family are finding it realy hard to find like minded sabbath keeping Christians who don’t have some false doctrine in there church.There are so many cults and sects, we dont know which way to turn.West Yorkshire were we live, seems to be the hardest place to find fellowship. Blessings in Yeshuah Amanda.

  6. Altho the Church of God Jeruselem Acres has many good points such as sabbath, abstaining from pagan holidays and the baptism of Holy Spirit, they believe that they are the only church that is going to be in the 144,000, their leader said he was the end Messiah and most of their leaders cling to this. He stated that he was in some former life the St John of the disciples and the reason he knew so much about the birth, etc of Christ was that he was there.
    Look up Grady Kent and St John the Revelator.

  7. All of the above is true but The Church of God did not see or start keeping the sabbath until the late 50’s or early 60’s and their churches were not consistent with the observance till the present bishop became more insistent that it be kept in all the churches.

    There was a man by name of S.S. Gressly who saw and started to keep the sabbath in the early 1900’s. He corresponded with a cousin in Eugene, OR, who had a Bible study and Mrs. Armstrong came to see the sabbath and thereby her husband saw it.
    A man from Uniontown, PA. attended the services saw it. He went to the Church of God council in Cleveland, TN and laid out to them the truth of the sabbath and the three days and three nights. It took them awhile to start keeping it at all.
    Sabbath is not hard to see but difficult to keep.

    Mr. Gressly named his church ‘Kingdom Missionaries’ . It is in Ruffsdale PA and has no Website or Email address.
    It is very small and continues.There is no organization
    Their beliefs are:
    Salvation through repentance and water baptism
    Keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath
    Not celebrating the pagan holidays
    The baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    The feasts of the old testament were a sign looking forward to the coming of Christ. Since his coming we are to have him tabernacle in our hearts.
    Correspondance can be sent to
    Kingdom Missionaries Church
    231 Gressly Road
    Ruffsdale,PA 15679
    Services are Saturday at 2P but occasionally are cancelled because of low attendance.

  8. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the body of Christ,
    Greetings in His powerful and uniting name of Jesus who makes us Brothers and Sisters. Peace and blessings for the nice work you are doing.
    We are praying and searching for like minded Brethren that we may serve together. If your passion and vision is to partner with other Christian Brethren then we humbly request that you extend to us your right hand of fellowship.
    Our love and prayers. We are in Kenya. Looking forward to hearing from you. Brother Nicodemus

  9. Would be glad to keep in touch.
    There is a great mileage distance but via Email not so far.

    If you ever come back to US contact us and would love to see you

  10. I am trying to find a Sabbath keeping Church in Indiana! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you, and God Bless!:)


    1. Try this one here. Or check out a Messianic congregation in the Indiana area. Otherwise, stay away from the splinters of the historic WCG!!! 🙂

    2. Hello Shelley, My name is Lynn. We have a small congregation in Gary, IN that keeps the Sabbath, the holy feast days, etc. We are NOT in any way affiliated with HW Armstrong. We are preparing a website for our group which we recently name Sabbath Sanctuary. Our email address is SabbathSanctuary@hotmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

  11. I’m very encouraged to find others who are looking for a Sabbath keeping Church of God without Armstrongism. We organized a small, monthly Bible study fellowship in the Wash DC area about 2 years ago and now have about 10 people who attend with us (some with WCG background, some without). It is so nice to come home from services having enjoyed the Sabbath rather than enduring it. I would love to hear from others on this topic. There really is life after WCG!


    1. Hi Rick! I am getting to the point of trying to do the same thing in my area in IN! How did you go about getting your group started? I am confused about all of The Church of God congregations!! It should be simple for a Christian to find a Sabbath keeping church, that simply wants to do things according to God’s words! I was very glad to read your post, and blessings to you and your group!:)


      1. I am in the same dilemma, trying to find a sabbath keeping church and am in indiana. I also thought about trying to start a group who wanted to enjoy the sabbath but believed that you are saved by Christ alone. This world is not God’s kingdom and obviously the gentiles of the NT, including slaves, those in the military, many wives could never have kept the sabbath or holy days. We are blessed in this age to have more freedom. I will look up the different sabbath keeping churches including the Jerusalem Acres but I hope that particular one is not founded with the belief that their leader was a reincarnation of St John.

      2. They say he didn’t claim to be the ‘reincarnation’ but in his writings he stated the reason he knew so much was that “he was there”.He called himself John the Revelator. He said Christ was the Bright and Shining Star and He was the Shining Star. The candlestick of the mennorah they display represents Kent as the candlestick and the lights were the ‘Seven men of wisdom’ of their church. He stated no other truth came but by him.
        All the Chief Bishops state they are the head and control with a very strict hand.

      3. Hello Shelley, My name is Lynn. We have a small congregation in Gary, IN that keeps the Sabbath, the holy feast days, etc. We are NOT in any way affiliated with HW Armstrong. We are preparing a website for our group which we recently name Sabbath Sanctuary.

    2. im finding it very hard to find a church that observes the sabbath and have a mixed congregation..im in north carolina..any good ideas.

  12. To whom it may concern.I also am a Sabbath Keeper.You will find probably what you like by visiting the website of the New Testament
    Apostolic Holiness Church ol Longville Louisiana. Feel free to e mail me at the above email address. Gopd bless you in youre search for truth,as I am doing as well.The pastor’s name is Leon Anderson.

  13. It’s a pity the church in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom are not this way inclined. We went there after my dear wife Amanda put out an S.O.S on her face book page. Someone from the U.S.A directed her path to the Leeds gathering, but unfortunately they were coming out with the same excuses that the Sunday gathering (who make not even the slightest effort to be Sabbath observant) do, by coming out with the familiar pun ‘Jesus is our Sabbath rest’. It saddened my family and I, for they still gather on the Sabbath, but with no real intent other than tradition. Worse still, they have gone the full measure of the Sunday gathering in that they have returned to the mire, via pagan worship … Christmas, Easter etc., it’s so sad, Yeshua said when He returns, will He find faith? It’s getting hard to believe that He will.

    1. While away from home, we pull up on internet a sabbath keeping church because it is good to worship on Sabbath.

      We have attended the SDA churches and have been disapointed that they now keep Christmas and say Christ died on Fri afternoon and rose Sunday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only sign was three days and three nights. I agree that it is hard to find a real Sabbath church without ‘garbage’.

  14. Inasmuch as we are keeping the ten commandments, we do not have to think that we are being saved because of those commandments that we do but we must focus our attention on Jesus only as the only way to salvation and not the ten commandments though we must keep it. I believe in good works after salvation but we do not count on those good works as Apostle Paul rightly said in Phil. 3:8 and 9 and Acts 13:38-39 that in Jesus we are justified from those laws that we could not keep perfectly.
    I believe its about time to preach the Gospel of Jesus because its the power of God unto salvation,Romans1:16-17 and not the law because its only point us to our sin Romans 6:14.

  15. Praise the Lord!
    I am a converted persecuted Christian who try to keep Sabbath. Now I am doing M. Div- 3rd year in Cochin, India. Because of my Sabbath-keeping arguements I become a cult in the eyes of my friends and local pastors. I want to serve Lord for ever.
    So, may I know more information on Sabbath? I am also searching a Sabbath-Keeping Church. Thank you.

    1. Please u dont have to argue over sabbath keeping. Lets keep and bear in mind that nobody keeps it perfectly not even any of the ten commandments.Thats why the Bible say that those that we could not be justified the grace of Jesus justifies it on our behalf. Acts 13:39. Its always good to keep the sabbath, i keep it too but lets remember that the grace of Jesus it that which saves not out good works though they are important.

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