A darn good article


As I have said before the Christmas season is coming and many of the Church of God splinter groups will come in to full gear attacking every aspect of the holiday. There is an article from Dr. Dwight Pryor of Centre for Judaic-Christian Studies in Ohio which is (I feel) strikes  a balance from the strident millitant anti-Christmas spirit that Armstrongists seek to vigourously impose on the rest of the world and the consumerist (and even pagan) aspects that are promoted by society which are pressured on most of us. His article on his website is called Christmas: “Hallelujah” Praise or “Humbug” Paganism . A word of caution, make sure you save and copy this article in your files (like I did) because this article is released on Dr.Pryor’s site for a “limited” time, meaning after the Christmas season, he will take it off his website until next Christmas season in 2008.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2009: It seems he hasn’t taken down the site yet. Make sure you download and copy anyway!


2 thoughts on “A darn good article

  1. Letter to Professor Dr Dwight Pryor in USA

    Klaus W. Zachau cell-phone (globe) 0063-(0)927-797 2004
    c/o International Baptist Church Manila cell-phone (smart) 0063-(0)919-570 9738
    140 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village email-address: zachau_klaus@yahoo.com
    Makati City 1227

    Dr. Dwight Pryor
    Centre for Judaic Christian Studies
    7021 Corporate Way http://www.jcstudies.com
    Dayton, OH 45459

    Re: Assistance in teaching Torah
    Assistance in building partnership to teaching institutes

    March 5, 2008

    Dr. Pryor

    We see you in VCDs and your comments. We are beginners in studying Torah. Some of us are members of Baptist churches. Some of us even graduated with Bachelor or Master Degrees in theological courses. We study materials also from First Fruit of Zion (Professor Lancaster) and Torah Resource (Brother Tim Hegg). We keep the Shabbat and the 7 feasts. Some keep also every New Moon as a Study and Fellowship Day.

    Now, there are several questions:
    1.) How we can convince the pastors to have a growth group in our church – officially recognized by the church leadership – with these topics like using the book: Our Father Abraham, from Marvin Wilson? One church has a “Life Group” as an official one already, in Makati also, a member church of Church of God Worldwide Mission, Tennessee, U. S. A. since 3 years. But we are in Baptist churches.
    2.) Which Southern Baptist Fellowship/Church could assist?
    3.) Which Southern Baptist Seminary would partner to have courses that are of Torah-observant content? Courses like Diploma in Counselling, Bachelor in Theology, Master in Education and Divinity?

    The Men’s Fellowship of International Baptist Church Manila is more flexible and possibly the “entrance” for any move. I’m attending there since 9 years and I’m a member in this church. In the Southern Baptist School of Theology (SBST) in the same compound) – connected to the Baptist Seminary in Baguio, Philippines and Pasadena, U. S. A. I studied for Master in Christian Education, of Divinity and Christian Leadership but didn’t graduate jet. I want to invite many of my student companions to enrol again for the finishing but with Hebraic mindset and Torah observance. How can that be come to pass?

    Beside of the activity in churches I help in an elementary school. Where can I find a Torah-oriented curriculum for elementary and high school? And which school in the USA or Israel would partner with that elementary school?

    Shalom, Brother Klaus

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