Richard’s Thoughts


For those who want to know a little in depth about why Richard Burkard has separated his fellowship from the United Church of God, he goes into a detail in his article at his website at . The article aptly called Dividing from United.  It remains my prayer that Richard does not feel any need to return an organization that has a foundation on shifting sand. Also, I give thanks to Richard in calling me direct in his article!


2 thoughts on “Richard’s Thoughts

  1. The real problem with the United Church of God, International Association is that they do not want the Will of God in their lives.

    All the rest is an empty pursuit of nonsensical Church Corporate posturing, which is exactly why people are progressively turning elsewhere for either godliness or some semblance of humanity.

    If there truly is a God and if He were truly interested in the fortunes of the churches of God in the sense that He has kindness and mercy toward all, the UCG must be quite a disappointment and He might well turn elsewhere to seek those who would seek His Will in their lives.

    Expect a long decline much like the Kings of Israel in their kingdom in any case, because whether or not there is a God and He is even the slightest bit interested in the venue, what is being done is quite against the natural order of things and won’t succeed in the long term.

  2. I don’t know where you found that picture of me, Felix — but I think it’s a little old. :–O

    Updating the hunt: After five weeks at Megachurch Baptist, it’s now on “winter break” with me. Its Saturday 6:00pm service will begin after sunset for a while, while we’re on standard time.

    So this weekend, I’m going to the SDA’s. There’s an Adventist radio station in my town, and the Sabbath Bible Study and sermon broadcasts there haven’t thrilled so far.

    I live close enough to one of the Living God Ministries pastors that I hope to attend a monthly trip he makes to Callaway Gardens, GA next weekend.

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