Various notes


Gavin Rumney on his blogsite had some coverage on former WCG member and scholar Dr. Kuhn. I discovered that Dr.Kuhn has a biography on wikipedia at .

acbst.jpgTake a look at Neotherm’s article on his years at Ambassador College at Big Sandy Texas. Read ’em and weep of how an elite (or better yet, caste) system can literally treat it’s underlings like human waste. Log on to .

lionsingreen200.jpgI am a premillenialist in my theology. Some think I am heretic or fanatic (or both) for believing so. I caught this article on the web and matches of what I believe on some  things about the second coming. Mind you, don’t agree with everything with everything what the sponsor of the website says. Read here at .

tinarob223.jpgFormer Worldwide Church of God member from Britain Robin Brace spruced up his own site on the home page.He is now a countercult apologist. I agree firmly with his stances on eternally security and a wider hope position on the unevangelized. Log on to .


3 thoughts on “Various notes

  1. your all going to end up ASH,S under herbert w armstongs feet, as well this evil site. and garner teds keep carring on youll get there faster.

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