For FYI Again

You never got a chance to sing this song to HWA—but I hope in the next life God will literally let you and automatically grant you to have that exact chance! I present the song, courtesy from, Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain.


3 thoughts on “For FYI Again

  1. Just as good, or maybe better, is
    Oh, Lord It’s Hard to be

    Just be sure to pick the sing along in the second half that begins with:

    Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
    When you’re perfect in every way
    I have all the right doctrines
    I’m right with each word that I say;

    To know me is to love me
    I must be the perfect man
    Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
    I’m the only one who knows God’s Plan.

  2. Hey, HWA thought the Bible was about him, so one little song is no big deal.

    That’s not an exaggeration either. He several times stated that the entire Bible was written and compiled primarily for the benefit of the One True Church at the end of the age.

    Since WCG was that “One True Church” in his theology, then the Bible was written for WCG. And since he was in charge directly under the Father and Jesus Christ (it was right there on the org chart), and since he claimed to be the “messenger” to the Philadelphia era of the Church, then the Bible was, by implication, written primarily for HIM.

    If there is one characteristic above all else that should identify a person as a Christian, I think that characteristic would be humility. Herbert W. Armstrong was the exact polar opposite of humble. If there had ever been the tiniest spark of humility in him, his massive ego and boundless pride would have instantly crushed it.

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