Word has it…


…(From a close friend) that the my former WCG congregation, Toronto West will move to Sunday services in November. Over 90% of the congretation have approved of it. Though I am no longer of that congregation and it’s association, I have mixed feelings.  I am definately not the hard-line Armstrongite who has believed that this is “apostasy” or an “acceptance of the mark of the beast”—nor I am fanatically enthusiastic about it. Some felt they felt “guilty” on working on Saturday and going to church. Well, uh…I got some news—there are churchgoers who attend Sunday and work the same day. They just do. Frankly, I am still of the opinion that the Worldwide Church of God had its chapter in history and its time to merge with a stable, reputable denomination like Christian and Missionary Alliance or Foursquare Gospel but there are those who are still believe that with a little more time, it will work. Just like the surge in Iraq. Oh well…


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